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Partner with Swydo to make client reporting easy and effective for organizations of all sizes. By partnering with Swydo, you’ll enhance your services by giving your customers the opportunity to gain actionable insights through comprehensive reporting via Swydo.

Project templates (checklists)
Expand Your Business Reach

Your partner listing on our website will give your brand exposure to thousands of Swydo customers

Calendar sync
Joint Marketing Activities

Participate in joint marketing activities like content marketing, webinars and events

Task assignment
Enhance Your Services

Provide your customers a way to easily incorporate all of their data in one comprehensive report or dashboard through Swydo

Task assignment
Grow Your Business

Gain new customers through increased brand exposure and promotion, while raising retention rates through improved customer satisfaction


Add value for your customers

Technology Partner

Provide your customers with additional functionality and a way to easily pull your platform data into Swydo reports and dashboards, combining it with other relevant data and allowing them to make better decisions with a more comprehensive look at their business.

OEM Partner

Add value to your own offering by integrating Swydo into your application or platform. Your customers will be able to take their data visualizations to the next level when you embed our robust reporting capabilities.


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