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New Call Tracking Integration Available Through Qooqie And Swydo Partnership

17 February 2020

Swydo’s new technology partner program has been launched, and with that a new integration with call tracking platform Qooqie to incorporate phone call data into Swydo reports and dashboards. Swydo’s technology partnership with Qooqie is the first technology partner in 2020 which will broaden the number of pre-built integrations Swydo offers. Granting vendors, tools and software solutions the ability to create a custom integrations will help Swydo customers improve the quality and scope of their reporting process, reports and dashboards through a more connected, integrated marketing stack.  

All-in-one Visualized Data Reporting

Easily integrate your Qooqie call tracking data with metrics across all your data sources including Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, SEO tools, third party data and more. Robust and clear data visualizations makes it easy to track performance over time and show the value of your efforts to clients and stakeholders.

Get insights into which campaigns, keywords and channels are driving calls. By incorporating this important data source into your reports and dashboards, you can dig into your call metrics to better understand what channels drive potential customers to call your business, and the impact those phone calls have on your bottom line. 

Qooqie Call Tracking Integration

Qooqie’s application provides insights into telephone conversations and how this communication impacts your marketing success. There is a great deal of flexibility built into the Swydo reporting interface to filter data on a number of dimensions including:

  • Ad
  • Campaign
  • Keywords
  • Referrer
  • Ad group
  • Lead device type
  • Time and day of the week
  • Classification (ie what type of call/what was the purpose)

As with Swydo’s other integrations, you can choose from multiple pre-built KPIs and widgets to help you build detailed report templates in just minutes – or create your own custom metrics from scratch. The Qooqie integration provides call tracking metrics including:

  • Average call duration
  • Leads/calls
  • Unique callers
  • Rating
  • Success rate

Next Steps! Leveraging Qooqie And Swydo Together

Learn how Qooqie can help you gain insights into the impact phone calls have on your business!

Already a Qooqie customer? Get our step-by-step guide to connecting your Qooqie account to Swydo and start reporting!