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New Swydo AdCalls Call Tracking Integration Created Through Technology Partnership

17 March 2020

We’re excited to announce yet another new integration as a result of Swydo’s new technology partner program. Call tracking platform AdCalls provides marketing data to help agencies optimize their campaigns, strategies, websites and customer experiences based upon anonymized conversion data. 

AdCalls Call Tracking Integration

AdCalls makes it possible to measure calls in the same way you measure web conversions. You can see which traffic sources provide the most valuable conversions, and link call data to visitor behavior. By combining your AdCalls data with data sources like Google Ads and Instagram into your reports and dashboards, you’ll provide your clients with robust data visualizations to track performance over time and help them maximize their marketing ROI. 

Pre-built metrics for the AdCalls integration include: 

  • Average duration
  • Calls
  • Conversion rate
  • Evaluations
  • Missed
  • Sessions
  • Unique

You can further filter your results by the following dimensions:

  • Evaluation
  • Location
  • Source

Next Steps! Leveraging AdCalls And Swydo Together

Learn how Swydo’s AdCalls integration can help you boost marketing ROI and optimize sales conversions.

Already an AdCalls customer? Find out how to connect your AdCalls account to Swydo.