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PPC task checklist with Swydo

30 September 2013

PPC management is a rewarding, challenging but sometimes also difficult job. You work in an ecosystem of technique, coders, marketers, changing circumstances, Google adding new features etc.

Working on campaigns and keeping them top notch and keeping your client 100% happy reminds me sometimes of an artist spinning plates on sticks. The plates represent the campaign/clients and once you have them spinning they are ok, But if you neglect them they will slow down and eventually crash on the ground. They need regular attention, you need to wiggle the sticks. But when you have 20 accounts under your supervision it can be hard remembering when you send that remarketing code, are the cookies already counting up, did your already add negatives to that campaign etc.


You need a system and tool for that.

In Swydo we define PPC management services as projects. Projects have tasks. In Swydo you can use project templates when you create new projects, so task lists are added automatically.

ppc management checklist

For weekly, bi-weekly and monthly tasks Swydo has the recurring tasks feature.

recurring monthly PPC tasks Swydo

In a next post we will help with a list of PPC tasks you can plan with Swydo.