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Preparing for launching a new Swydo

11 January 2013

At the moment we are working hard to wrap up a new release of Swydo, to be live real soon. Well…..a new release is an understatement. You will not recognize Swydo. This is a hugh improvement.

The technology stack is completely renewed. For the techies: Under the hood no more php, Mysql, but a full, non-blocking NodeJS, Spinejs stack. That means, and this is for non-techies again, a lightning fast user interface. No more waiting and looking at loading spinners. This is a hugh improvement.

But there will be lots more:

New reporting
More metrics to report
Saved reports
Better flow in de reporting
New look and feel
Integration of online marketing in the worksheet
Better time tracking

The project- task management meets up to standards and the reporting interface has no equal.

We will migrate all accounts next week, we will announce a final date early next week. All data will be migrated, but please forgive us when you have some re-arranging to do. You will appreciate it soon thereafter when you start working in the new Swydo.

This is a big, big step for Swydo and will put us on the short list as the taskmanagement and reporting tool for online marketers worldwide.

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