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The case for subscription based online marketing software

4 July 2011

The main reason for users of popular online project management tools like Basecamp, Huddle or Manymoon to look for an alternative can be derived the difference between project based or subscription based services, like online marketing (SEO, PPC etc.) . A project has a set of different characteristics from a subscription:

  • A start and end date;
  • Deadlines;
  • Multiple , more or less standard, phases;
  • A budget for the project;
  • A project deliverable and thereafter closing or archiving;
  • Billing of the project.
These characteristics are well supported in aforementioned tools.
Whereas a subscription has:
  • No end date (as long as the customer is happy);
  • Recurring tasks;
  • More data accumulation;
  • Time comparisons
  • A budget per month or other time frame;
  • Recurring billing.
This requires a different set of features from the online collaboration software used. There should be a focus on quality and service delivered over time from the consultants. There should be a solid reporting interface that makes it easy to give clients a monthly report on the tasks that have been completed and the results that haven been accomplished. There should be alerting tools that the customer receives enough attention and hours spend are more or less in line with the subscription goals. What is your opinion? How do you report to your clients?