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The new Swydo is there, and it rocks

22 January 2013

Swydo, the reporting and task management tool for online marketers, has had a complete overhaul. More functionality, better, faster, easier; you will love it!

The new Swydo is accessible at . All your data has been migrated. Due to the new, real advanced reporting functionality, you only need to redefine your reports.

Making online marketing reports is a joy now:
Do you hate making these weekly or monthly reports for your clients or boss? Not anymore. You will love it. Goal number 1 of remaking Swydo was to create happy faces when making monthly reports.

Integration of tasks and online marketing:
In one view you see how clients/projects are doing. In one view we integrated task management and KPI’s from your Online Marketing metrics like Adwords and Analytics.

New user interface: 
Easier navigation. No more switching around between pages, but a logical, modern single page app.

Lightning fast: 
Our new technology stack makes sure the interface is lightning fast.

Instant updates:
Your colleague in New York enters a new task? You will see an instant update while working in LA.


  • Project templates. Do you have projects with the same task order like Adwords management? Use templates.
  • Favorite clients and projects. Working on some clients, but not all? Make them Favorite.
  • Recurring tasks. A good example are the monthly reports. Make them recurring.
  • Better CRM. Store and access contact info of your clients in Swydo.

Oh, and we increased the prices with …… nothing!

Every online marketer should have Swydo in the toolkit. We already have 8.000 signups and are highly listed in several marketplaces.

Do you have any questions on the new Swydo? We are working hard to update our support so please check that out. You can also drop us a mail at and we will help you.