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MondoMarketing is a performance driven digital marketing agency based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. For the past 10 years we have helped many organisations succeed with our results-driven, strategic and pragmatic no-nonsense approach. By focusing on our clients’ target audience and the customer journey, we reach the right target group at the right time with the right message. We are experts in devising and executing performance-driven digital marketing campaigns and helping our clients get the most out of their digital marketing efforts and budget.


Prior to using Swydo, our reporting process was completely manual, and took up to 32 hours a week to complete the process. Our challenge was to provide client reporting in a more time efficient manner, so we could use that time on more important tasks such as strategy, campaign executing and optimization. Another challenge we faced with manual reporting was the opportunity for human error while copying and pasting data from separate spreadsheets.


With Swydo we can easily create reports with data from multiple marketing channels – like Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram and Microsoft Ads – all at once. Using Swydo has eliminated the chance for human error as the data is loaded automatically and directly from the data sources we’ve selected. It is very easy to create customizable templates, and we’ve built our own brand template in our company style colors, fonts and images. This assures that we have a more professional uniform appearance. Plus the drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to create custom KPIs that our clients need.

By using Swydo for our reporting, we can easily customize the reports. And we’ve been able to reduce the number of hours spent on reporting by 50%, giving us more time to focus on our clients and generating new business. While we did look at other potential reporting solutions, we found that Swydo was the most simple and complete platform to work with.

Favorite Features

– The drag-and-drop interface makes it very easy to create custom reports for our clients.
– The flexibility to create our own metrics with the custom metrics feature.
– The Google Sheets integration is invaluable for including different data and new channels that are not yet connected with Swydo.



Loyals is a communications agency that helps companies grow and build brands. Our specialists select the right marketing communication mix to achieve our clients goals, and are not afraid to change that mix if the market calls for it and enables new opportunities. Our analysts understand the power of data and know how to use this data.

We believe in results, so we have always demonstrated our professional work through these goals. That is why it is essential for us to use a tool that facilitates the collection and organization of the data from our campaigns.


When we started over 17 years ago, we used Excel spreadsheets for reporting because it offered us exactly what we were looking for: data management and control. At the beginning it was quite useful and simple, since we did not need much data to be able to generate the reports. However, as we grew and started using more digital marketing channels, we began to generate large amounts of data from different sources that were not easy to manually combine into one clear report. We needed to look for a more efficient solution – a tool that would not only offer us the data management and control we needed, but would also allow us to automate the collection and organization of data.

Our continued growth led us to become an international digital agency, which further complicated the reporting process with the need for more customized reports for new clients, new languages, new digital marketing platforms and more colleagues involved in reporting. We thought that it would be impossible and that we would have to build our own reporting tool with the use of Google Data Studio, but fortunately after a good online research, we found Swydo, the most complete reporting tool in the market, that adapts to our needs and in which we have trusted until today.


Our favorite Swydo features that have helped us solve our challenges include:

Time Saving
Through Swydo we can connect to all the digital marketing platforms we use. It saves us approximately 40 hours of monthly reporting and has allowed us to spend that time thinking in the next big thing.

Added Custom Value
Through email templates we can make an automated email feel close and personal, which improves our relationship with customers and also saves us time that can be spent on improving their campaigns. We also love the ability to create custom reports for each of our clients, and in the languages they need.

Additionally, we’ve been able to leverage the benefits of Swydo reports as a selling point when our sales team conducts discussions with future clients.

Improved Client Management
We use Swydo to set up KPI dashboards to closely monitor the results of our clients, which makes it easier to make decisions in our clients’ marketing campaigns. It allowed us to automate not only the reports for our clients but also for ourselves. For our internal reports, we create custom widgets that provide us with specific knowledge for each client.

Valuable Customer Service
We very much appreciate the attentive and multi-language customer service that Swydo provides, as this has made it easier for us to communicate with the tool.

With Swydo we can focus on achieving the best results for our clients in an efficient and time-saving way. We communicate with professional looking reports that are tailored to contain only the data that is most important to their business goals. Swydo supports our international growth by offering the most flexible and complete reporting tool in the market.

Black Propeller

Black Propeller

Black Propeller is an industry-leading PPC agency based in Bel Air, Maryland. We specialize in paid search and paid social advertising for small to mid-market businesses all over the world.


As marketers who love crunching numbers and diving deep into statistical trends, we naturally have an affinity for spreadsheets. We’re geeks like that. In the early years of our agency we relied solely on Excel and Google Sheets to compile and deliver reports for our clients. To be honest, we were pretty stubborn about it. Despite the intense amount of time and resources that went into our spreadsheets, we loved the granular control we had over our tracking and reporting. With spreadsheets the possibilities are endless. That’s the upside. But there are some major downsides to using spreadsheets that were really starting to hold us back.

#1 Automation – As our agency grew, controlling every aspect of reporting from set up to delivery became tedious. Sure there are hacks, formulas and work-arounds to make things semi-automated, but nothing like the capabilities of a SaaS solution like Swydo. Everything from templates to automated delivery became much easier when we gave up the spreadsheets for Swydo.

#2 Visuals – While spreadsheets are fully capable of producing endless charts and graphs, they’re not the most visually appealing. We wanted our reports to have more polished visuals that were inline with our brand.

#3 Collaboration – As our staff increased in size, we wanted a hub where all of our reports could be easily managed. The ability to organize all of our reports, manage users, create templates, and easily produce shareable assets quickly became a necessity for us.


Swydo has made an impact on our bottom line by making our reporting process more efficient and adding value to our client relationships. Given that the pricing is very affordable for the value Swydo adds, we have gotten our return on investment many times over.

The other key benefits we’ve gained from using Swydo are:

Improved client retention – The reports that we deliver through Swydo allow us to clearly demonstrate the success that we are having for our clients. It provides a sense of transparency as well. Our clients know we are giving the performance results, good or bad, and they really appreciate it.

Helped secure new clients – We have made it a point to include custom reporting as a key selling point in our proposals. During the sales process we make sure to mention it as well, and I’m certain it has helped us close more deals.

Our “Top Five” reasons we love Swydo:

Report Scheduling
Being able to fully automated the delivery of our reports has been a game-changer for us. Knowing that our reports will be delivered on time with a personalized email message saves us a ton of time each month – to the tune of 30-40 hours!

Report Templates
The ability to create custom report templates is also a major time saver. While we want to give each client a truly custom report, we have found that 99% of clients are happy with one of our 4 or 5 preset templates.

Over the years we have spent a lot of time and effort building our brand. It has become one of biggest assets as an agency and it is something we are very proud of. The flexibility Swydo offers to allow us to incorporate our brand into our reporting is extremely important to us.

From day one, Swydo support has been phenomenal. We love the fact that they are a smaller team and committed to delivering a high level of service. That’s not something that is as common as you’d hope in today’s SaaS world.

Here’s another thing that is not easily done with a spreadsheet. Or maybe it is and our Excel chops just aren’t up to par. But the ability to easily set measured goals and show visuals based around those goals is awesome. And most importantly, our clients love it too!

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