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Jordan Glickman

Becoming a Data Reporting Expert: The Impact of Swydo on Jordan Glickman’s Agency Growth

From a journey that began in the world of powerlifting and bodybuilding to becoming the driving force behind a seven-figure agency with a global clientele, Jordan Glickman’s story is nothing short of remarkable.

Armed with nothing more than a backpack and boundless ambition, Jordan left college on a one-way ticket to Asia with two dreams in mind – to make a difference for business owners and to gain the freedom of working for himself. Along the way, he stumbled upon a newfound love for performance marketing, which shaped the trajectory of his life.

Launched in November 2017, today, Jordan’s agency Impremis Marketing boasts over 20 remote team members and serves more than 200 clients worldwide, managing millions in advertising spend per year.

From Athletic Discipline to Business Performance

Drawing from his experience in Powerlifting, Jordan’s focus on output and results has been a constant. “It’s all about what you put in is what you get out.” Impremis Marketing primarily focuses on e-commerce and service-based businesses, strongly emphasizing actual performance. “It’s not just about acquiring leads or clicks; it’s about generating actions that convert into paying customers, traceable from the initial click to the final purchase. Whether it’s a fitness center, online pet brand, or a recruitment agency, our expertise lies in orchestrating the journey from click to loyal customer through performance marketing,” he says.

However, Impremis is selective, ensuring that clients align with their size, complexity, and suitability criteria. “We are clear that we don’t cater to everyone, but our core areas of focus in terms of performance remain lead generation and e-commerce brands,” Jordan says.

The reporting requirements, hence, must be tailored to match the depth and strategy of the campaigns, ensuring that Impremis meets the needs of its diverse clientele.

Why Effectively Managing and Reporting Client Data is Crucial for Scaling

Scaling an agency with little experience has been quite a challenge, and that’s exactly what drew Jordan in. “The challenges, the growth, the effort — I wouldn’t change a thing. Finding those initial customers, earning their trust, and building those relationships were all pivotal steps in shaping our business. The transition from a small team of three to a team of twelve in just 30 days was incredibly demanding. Scaling further to around 20+ team members was equally challenging. It’s a shock to the system, dealing with new problems and learning to adapt. Looking back, the challenges we faced then seem like peanuts now, but they’ve all been part of the journey.”

Effectively managing and reporting client data is essential for the success of any marketing agency, and for Jordan, it was no different. Before using Swydo, they initially used various methods, including Google Data Studio, Supermetrics with Google Sheets, and PowerPoint presentations, to handle data reporting. These manual approaches were a common choice for startup agencies like theirs. However, their biggest pain point with these methods was the inconsistency and difficulty in fixing issues when they arose. Jordan recalls, “Data Studio, in particular, often broke, making it challenging to set up new metrics and tracking. As our client base grew to 20 to 30 clients, it became unrealistic to manage this way,” he says.

Swydo helped Jordan’s agency scale by providing a more reliable and efficient solution for data reporting, “Swydo addressed most of our previous pain points and offered a cost-effective alternative to Supermetrics, which had become expensive for agencies with large clients like ours. Swydo not only streamlined our reporting process but also made it more scalable for our expanding client base, offering a more sustainable solution for our needs,” he says

Swydo vs. Supermetrics

For time-strapped agencies trying to scale, every minute is precious, and client reports need to be simple and realistic. Swydo helped them achieve that. “I would never consider Supermetrics again. I think the main pain points were really just breakage and the complexity of using it consistently, trying to create beautiful dashboards that we were probably making more complex than we needed to because we wanted them to be amazing,” he recalls.

He eventually found Swydo via a Google search. “We have stuck with Swydo for so long because it’s as easy as clicking ‘create a template,’ and we can throw up a dashboard instantly. I actually had to explain that to a client last night. She asked, ‘Why haven’t we had a dashboard yet?’ I said, ‘We send these immediately after ads are live.’ So, if we don’t send it to you immediately upon the ads being live, I can click three buttons and have your dashboard over to you perfectly. So, I do like that about Swydo. How you can quickly use a template and make it easy and seamless. Making small adjustments is really, really easy that anybody can figure out.”

Swydo’s Impact: Streamlining Operations and Enhancing Client Satisfaction

Saved Time: Jordan asserts that Swydo has drastically reduced the time his agency spends on setting up and continually monitoring each client’s account. “I’m estimating that Swydo conserves approximately six to ten hours per client monthly for us because of instant dashboard creations, pre-built templates, and easy report replication.” Jordan’s agency primarily leverages Swydo’s core features, such as Live Dashboards and the ability to choose between PDF and other formats for reports, “This flexibility ensures we can tailor their communication to clients’ preferences without disrupting data sources.”

Client Satisfaction: Through Swydo, Jordan’s agency expeditiously furnishes clients with access to the desired data and insights. “This swift dashboard creation and easy client eliminate the need for clients to wait or repeatedly contact us for updates. Consequently, it elevates the overall client experience and minimizes the frequency of client inquiries about their accounts.”

Ease of Metric Customization: Jordan finds the process of changing metrics in Swydo to be exceptionally straightforward and simplistic. He notes that even team members who aren’t advertising experts can handle this task.

All-Encompassing Accomplishment

The transition from complex manual reporting to simplified, dynamic dashboards is a reflection of Impremis Marketing’s commitment to delivering the best possible results for its clients. As Jordan put it, “You get whatever you put in,” and with Swydo, they are putting in efficiency, performance, and client satisfaction, reaping the rewards of their hard work. Today, Swydo is a vital partner in their continued success story, saving time and ensuring clients receive top-notch service.

Join Jordan and countless others who have discovered the Swydo advantage. Start your journey toward more efficient, client-focused reporting today. Your path to data-driven success begins with Swydo.

Google Sheets Reporting Use Case

Google Sheets Reporting with SwydoThe success of any business heavily relies on its ability to utilize data effectively. Whether you’re a digital marketer handling client reporting or a project manager trying to define your next project roadmap – making data-driven decisions is the crux of a successful strategy.

We were in for a surprise when we got on a call with Navigate Patient Solution’s VP of Operations, Jessica Stenberg.

Jessica wasn’t the quintessential marketer we often speak to; she was, in fact, leading a team of specialists/Navigators at Navigate Patient Solutions. Unlike most marketers who use Swydo to report on their PPC and Email ROI, Jessica solely uses Swydo’s Google Sheets integration for her internal stakeholder reporting. That piqued our interest, and we got talking.

The Challenge: A Diamond in the Rough

At Navigate, Jessica and her team’s job is to educate all of their client’s patients about cataract surgery before they visit the doctor. This means she has enormous data and told us that she is almost maxing out her Google Spreadsheet.

Jessica knew that data was key to unlocking her business’s potential. However, this journey was fraught with challenges. Gaining visibility into her business processes involved the daunting prospect of sifting through mountains of data for insights while ensuring that her team of specialists got enough feedback to improve their calls and efficacy.

Driving Productivity: The Time-Saving Marvel

Swydo’s Google Sheets Integration helps Jessica convert raw data into visually stunning and digestible reports. Jessica can now finally see her business in its entirety, spot trends, track vital metrics, and make decisions driven by data.

She explains, “To make improvements and streamline processes, I need to understand the current state of the business. I have a master Google Sheet with each of my specialists’ performance metrics, and they are connected with Swydo. Recently, I noticed that a Swydo report showed a high number of non-call times for non-educated patients. This prompted me to dig deeper into their process and find ways to reduce that time. I eventually used that data to coach the navigator and identify areas of improvement.”

Filters Tailored for Success

Managing a private equity group practice with over 14 doctors means processes have to be streamlined. Which meant each doctor gets their own personalized report.

Not only does she use Swydo’s Google Sheets integration to keep track of her specialists’ performance, but also for client communication. “I have created a customized master report that provides each specialist, client, and internal stakeholder a view of their data. I love the extensive filtering options in Swydo, which can slice and dice the data to get specific insights. I use filtering options to dig into a report and understand why the yellow slice of the pie (representing declining education for patients) was so big. By filtering the data and analyzing it together, I uncovered insights about my clientele and their preferences for education.”

Gaining Valuable Insights: The Power of Informed Decisions

Swydo didn’t just save Jessica time; it helped her discover hidden treasures in her data. She could pinpoint areas ripe for improvement by dissecting critical metrics and visualizations and making data-driven decisions. For instance, Jessica optimized her processes for maximum efficiency by scrutinizing time spent on non-engaged patients. Swydo’s reports acted as her trusted compass, guiding her toward the treasure troves of opportunities within her business. This level of personalization ensures that her reports hit the mark, delivering actionable insights that help her drive tangible results.

If you’re searching for a reporting tool that effortlessly integrates with Google Sheets and empowers you to transform data into dollars, Swydo is your treasure map to success. Try for free 🪄

Squarestar Digital

How Squarestar Digital Enhanced Client Communication With Swydo

Whether you’re a small startup, a medium-sized enterprise, or a large corporation, Squarestar Digital is here for you. They run Google Ads, handle social media advertising, provide training, and design websites. Sounds like a handful, and it is.

For this Essex-based full-service digital marketing agency, it’s all about putting their clients’ products and services right where they need to be seen. So, when it comes to sharing the results of their efforts, they were looking for a tool that was user-friendly and intuitive, just like them.

We chatted with Clifford Green, the PPC Account Manager at Squarestar, to learn more about how they manage different client accounts, from plumbing suppliers to sellers of Cornish Cream or building a website for dog-walking. Being adept at accommodating diverse clients means having a reporting tool communicating insights while keeping time constraints in mind.

Geared Towards Client Expectations

Before using Swydo, Clifford found it challenging to create reports that met his clients’ expectations via Looker Studio. He often had to go through multiple iterations, wasting precious time and resources. However, with Swydo, the process has become much more streamlined and efficient. He says, “It’s quite a fluid, intuitive way of quickly generating a really professional-looking report. And making changes is pretty easy. Adapting it to exactly what your client wants is straightforward. There’s no worrying about alignment and positioning. Swydo just does it right.”

Swydo vs. Looker Studio

Sharing his experience with Looker Studio (formerly Google Data Studio), Clifford shares, “Swydo is much easier to use compared to Google Data Studio, especially in terms of layout and positioning. With Google Data Studio, everything looked misaligned and required dragging and resizing, which was a horrific experience. Swydo, on the other hand, is a dream in comparison as it allows for easy placement of elements without worrying about layout. It has also saved us a massive amount of time, around 20 to 25 hours a month for our PPC team every month. I love how fast the tool is. This is hands down the quickest reporting system I have ever used.”

Putting Faith in Data Visualization for Tangible Results

Small achievements are a big win for a team of 10 at Squarestar Digital. In the first month, they managed to get over 558 % ROAS for Cornish Cream. It all boils down to a measured and careful start.

They built up the Google ad spend gradually to the allocated amount over a period of 3-4 weeks. This gave plenty of opportunities to refine keywords, build the negative keyword lists, and get the ad creative right.

When asked about the specific platforms his team integrates with, Clifford mentioned Google Ads, Google Analytics 4, and Swydo’s PPC integrations. While some advertisers may use additional platforms, Clifford and his team have found that these integrations cover their needs effectively.

Swydo has also transformed how Squarestar Digital presents data, “The reports generated by Swydo are visually appealing and clearly linked to the data. Gone are the days of simply writing numbers on a PowerPoint or screenshots from Google Ads platforms on a Word Doc. Swydo’s ability to create reports that look credible and professional has significantly impacted our client communication, too.”

Addressing Needs without Complications

When it comes to Swydo’s customer support, he mentions, “I have had a good experience with the support team, particularly the live chat. The support is dependable, with answers provided within 15 minutes. The support team also offers helpful videos, I was once stuck with something, and the representative even created a video to demonstrate a solution in real-time. Overall, I appreciate the straightforward approach taken by the support team, without unnecessary delays or requests for account information. That’s a winner.”

Join the ranks of Squarestar Digital and numerous other agencies that have made Swydo their ultimate choice for monitoring and reporting.


Double the Jobs, Half the Stress: Swydo Simplifies Reporting for Multi-Tasking Digital Marketers

Tim Holland and his wife Laura had different plans in a world where banana bread and Dalgona coffee became pandemic sensations. They embarked on an exciting journey by founding Botlabs, a digital marketing agency in Arkansas. Their mission? To help local businesses thrive and boost their leads and revenue. And here’s the fun part—they managed to do all this while juggling their day jobs!

Every minute of the day is precious for a team as small as theirs. When Tim discovered the joys of automated marketing reports – it meant quick, hassle-free client reporting. No more manually creating separate dashboards for each marketing channel and wasting valuable time.

Finding An Affordable Solution Without Compromising On the Quality

In his quest for an automated reporting tool, Tim stumbled upon Agency Analytics. While the platform did save time on reporting, the price was steep. Tim recalls, “I had to pay per client, which added up quickly. Although the unlimited connectors were a plus, the cost outweighed the benefits. As a small business owner, I had to find an alternative to meet my expectations and needs.”

Tim was searching for a scalable platform that wouldn’t break the bank, and Swydo’s pay-per-unique data source pricing model turned out to be the perfect fit. Tim explains, “With the data connectors I needed, using Swydo for reporting made financial sense. Initially, I was worried about the pricing change, but to my surprise, our overhead dropped significantly.”

Being a small digital marketing agency means client reporting is everything. Choosing Swydo as Botlabs’ go-to reporting platform came down to these three vital points: 

  1. Price
  2. Scalability
  3. Templates

Simplify, Optimize, and Succeed

Tim asserts that Swydo has made things easy and is a significant time-saver. There is no back and forth with clients anymore. They get consolidated reports in their inboxes every Monday morning. “I save around four to six hours per week using Swydo. Having templates and making quick changes based on client requirements has been a game changer. And it’s a one-time setup – it takes 10 mins max, and we are good to go.” 

The Tech Stack Gatekeeper

When clients need new technology solutions for their business, Tim relies on Swydo to make it happen seamlessly. “Swydo is more than just a tool for us—it’s an essential platform that gives us easy access to our client’s data. We check the integrations and recommend what is already available with Swydo. Mostly, the integrations are always up-to-date, making our job even easier. It’s like having a trustworthy gatekeeper that keeps everything organized and accessible.”

On days when integration is missing, Tim uses Google Sheets. “I can easily connect my Google Sheets data and convert it into comprehensive reports and dashboards. And an added advantage is that I can also use the other data sources all in one place.”

As a small business owners, Tim and Laura find Swydo to be an indispensable tool for scaling their business while keeping costs low. Swydo streamlines their reporting processes and empowers them to expand their client base.  And while the pandemic may be over, their passion for digital marketing is ever-expanding, much like their local agency. With Swydo by his side, Tim saves valuable time, making his double job feel like a breeze.

Why not try Swydo and see how it can boost your reporting game? You can either get a customized demo or try out the free trial for some quick intel and efficiency gains. Don’t wait; join us now!


AccuraCast with Swydo

How AccuraCast partnered with Swydo to scale their agency internationally

Established in 2004, AccuraCast has grown to become one of the UK’s leading digital marketing agencies. 

From PwC to Club Med – the agency has an impressive track record of delivering exceptional client results across various industries. 

One standout case study involves collaborating with Penguin Random House and the renowned celebrity chef Jamie Oliver. AccuraCast helmed the promotions for Jamie Oliver’s book, 5 Ingredients, and the results speak for themselves. The book became the #1 bestseller on Amazon UK for 10 weeks and Amazon’s bestselling book for 2017.  The campaign generated 1.3 million unique users taking action on Facebook, and the book received 50 million impressions across three networks. 

Enthusiasm, accountability, and top-notch customer support is what gives them an edge in delivering client results, says MD Farhad Divecha.

“We are a team of 12, and I know it sounds shockingly small for our business. It all comes down to being efficient. We use automation as much as possible to make things run smoothly. And use our time intelligently as a team.” 

The prospect of client reporting presented its own set of challenges. With a global customer base, Farhad and the team would have to manage and optimize client campaigns, guide their social media marketing, and help clients scale globally while keeping them informed about the process through regular reporting. 

To achieve maximum coverage across marketing channels and multiple clients, AccuraCast carefully selected a reporting platform that offered them extensive bandwidth

A trusted and convenient solution 

“We care about delivering the best results for our clients and then found a reporting platform that allowed us to get that maximum adaptability with as many marketing channels as possible.”

Farhad’s decision came down to having a reporting platform that helped his team: 

  1. Scale globally 
  2. Get maximum channel bandwidth 
  3. Create reports with a high degree of flexibility 

Swydo ticked these boxes, Farhad explains: 

“Swydo proved to be the ultimate reporting solution, effortlessly checking all the boxes we needed. It was a no-brainer, really. Swydo had us covered across most channels except for DV360. Despite that, the platform provided us with the widest bandwidth, accommodating our diverse reporting requirements. Additionally, Swydo’s flexibility allowed us to create template reports swiftly, facilitating efficient replication for various clients.” 

This was especially crucial for Farhad and his team as they dealt with numerous reports for different clients across the globe. “You know how it is when you work with large businesses – one report simply won’t cut it. Swydo’s flexibility allowed us to generate multiple reports tailored to our client’s unique needs. We can make a template and clone it across different offices and clients and tweak the data to that specific region, this has been an automation game-changer for our team productivity.”

Freeing up space and time for strategizing 

When you’re thinking of a client reporting platform, there are so many things to remember, shares Stefano Roberti, one of Farhad’s 12 teammates. An Account Manager at AccuraCast, Stefano knows what it takes to give his clients a good client-reporting experience every Monday, “Over time, we learned that brevity is important. Clients no longer need to be data wizards or carry a pocket-sized dictionary of analytics terms. Swydo’s reports are crystal clear and effortlessly comprehensible, making clients feel right at home. It’s straightforward and does the job.” 

On a given day, Stefano handles six to seven big client accounts and some smaller ones. Fewer hours spent on manual reporting meant more time available for optimizing client campaigns. “I wanted a platform that did not require much time to set up. I can build a client dashboard in 20 minutes and customize it across multiple clients.  It’s the most effective usage of my team’s time.

Looking ahead together 

As AccuraCast grows, its needs and demands with its reporting platform are progressively evolving. Being heard matters to them, Stefano asserts. “A few months ago, the data selection feature in Swydo’s campaign reporting dashboard had some limitations. I raised this concern and provided feedback about it. I was pleasantly surprised because my concerns were heard and acknowledged. It’s crucial for us time-strapped marketers to be heard when we have legitimate complaints.  The fact that Swydo actively implemented the feedback I provided was impressive. It demonstrated a willingness to work together and improve the platform based on user input, which is vital for any long-term collaboration.” 

Today, AccuraCast’s journey from humble beginnings to international prominence is a testament to its expertise, dedication, and innovative mindset – its customer-first approach being at the heart of everything they do.

Join AccuraCast and countless other agencies who have chosen Swydo as their go-to reporting and monitoring platform.

ZATO Marketing

6 Ways Swydo Makes ZATO Reporting Better

ZATO® Marketing is a micro agency founded by PPC expert and influencer Kirk Williams. Our team of paid search specialists focus exclusively on managing and optimizing PPC campaigns for long term growth. We very purposely keep the ratio of clients to account managers low so we can build thoughtful, strategic long term partnerships to grow our clients’ businesses and ROI. With over 45 years of paid search experience across 5 team members, we know PPC.


Our approach to paid search management requires us to really dig into the details, have a handle on all accounts, take swift action to identify and rectify issues while maximizing opportunities. We wanted to spend our time on nurturing and growing our client accounts, not on reporting. 

On the other hand we didn’t want to skimp out on the high level of transparency and communicating results to our clients. Because of the way we work, we needed a simple, reliable and cost effective tool to support our campaign monitoring and reporting. Since we started with Swydo back in 2015, we have tried other alternative platforms, and we’ve completed our due diligence. More expensive options had unnecessary bells and whistles than what we needed, and required more training, and the less expensive options didn’t offer easy report creation and editing. Much like Goldilocks, we found our perfect fit with Swydo.

Here are the top six ways Swydo makes our reporting better

1. An Intuitive Platform And UI

After analyzing and sending thousands of client reports with Swydo, we’ve found the platform’s UI to be intuitive and easy to use. We’ve rarely ever needed their customer service because Swydo just works. For busy advertisers like us, we need “just works”.

2. Simple And Sensible Report Building

The report building is quite simple. When we train a new hire, we’ll have them dive right into Swydo and figure it out themselves after a brief training session. It’s just, not really that complicated. Add a Widget here, add a KPI there, boom! In the past, we had been sucked into the possibility of a more advanced and customizable solution that allowed us to design the kitchen sink into every report. Then we realized, we don’t actually need that. We just need a solid, affordable solution that does what we want to do and looks good too.

3. Ease Of Automation And Scheduling Reports

For reporting at ZATO, we have always had a more customized nature to it. We like to dig into an account, build our takeaways, draw our clients’ attention to what’s important, and show them what we are doing in the future. We also like having the option for scheduling the reports in case there are any we need to send regularly without corresponding commentary.

4. Option For Helpful Internal Reports

Speaking of report building, we discovered a valuable use for Swydo we hadn’t thought of before working within its environment. We realized the reports we were sending to our clients were customized for them, to allow them to get instant access to the KPIs most valuable to them… so why couldn’t we do the same for our own purposes? We began to build separate, custom internal reports with our clients’ data in Swydo to be sent to us automatically with specifically the KPIs we cared about, often with more detail than what we send to clients on a monthly basis. We developed a couple of specific use cases for this. 

One of them is the ZATO Daily Glance. This allows us to see, at a glance, every single client in our book of only a handful of the most essential KPIs. This allows us to get a human looking at every account’s metrics daily, and because of this, we have caught more than one concerning change in metrics that allowed us to investigate further into the account. 

5. Custom Reporting 

Swydo makes it easy to add customization into our template reports and widgets. Here are three key ways we leverage this:

  1. The Front Page: We add our own branding and style to the front of every report (saved as a template of course) so every report looks professional and fits with our ZATO branding. 
  2. Notes: While ZATO prefers to add most of our notes in email form, we value the ability to add custom takeaways directly in each report as well. This allows us to answer some of their common questions (what is CTR?) right within the report itself.
  3. Custom URL: we recently added our own URL into our client reports, so we can send clients links to their reports and in their viewpoint, the reports are hosted on A cool customized touch!

6. Team Management Support

As our agency team has grown, I have begun to value the aspects of Swydo that help me manage our team. Being able to seamlessly assign roles and connect on client reports within our team is extremely valuable and makes us more streamlined. 

For all the reasons mentioned above and many more, we would highly recommend you give Swydo a try!

Want to learn how Swydo can help you gain meaningful marketing insights while saving you time through reporting automation? Get in touch with us and sign up for demo or a free trial!

J&E Media Corp

J&E Media Corp. saves time and boosts client retention with Swydo

J&E Media Corp. is a Rochester-based full-service digital marketing agency. From website design to social media management to online ordering and more, they provide a range of comprehensive digital marketing services for clients across the globe.

Putting together monthly reports was a challenging task

We were seeking a platform that could help us effectively scale our clients’ businesses and better communicate the value our agency was providing.

We had one person manually sending reports out to over 100 of our clients. This would take days to complete each month. We needed a way to streamline this. We looked at TapClicks, Funnel, and Swydo.

Swydo worked best with what we needed/wanted in a reporting system. It provided us with a solution that not only helped us achieve our goals but also allowed us to visually demonstrate our impact to our clients. The result has been improved client retention and increased revenue for our agency. 

Choosing Swydo as the best solution for our needs

After trying various reporting systems, we found Swydo’s custom filter option to be a team favorite. We run hundreds of campaigns under one Facebook account, and no other reporting system provided an option to filter by ‘ad name’ to ensure only specific campaigns would show up on their respective reports. This was huge for our company!

This option has been a game-changer for our team and has saved countless hours of manual filtering and has been an invaluable addition to our reporting process.  

Swydo’s standout features our agency swears by for faster reporting:

1. Report Templates

Swydo offers a variety of report templates that make creating reports much easier for our agency. The templates are highly customizable, which allows us to quickly create reports that cater to our client’s specific needs.

2. Branding

We love the ability to add our company’s logo and client colors to the reports. It makes everything look much more official and professional, and it helps to reinforce our agency’s brand with our clients.

3. Custom data

Adding third-party data via Google Sheets was a win-win for us.  We don’t always use big box names for advertising, so we were happy to learn we can add any platform data easily. 

4. Template Gallery

It gives us ideas on what reports our clients might like or need. This feature helps us save time by providing a starting point for our report creation process.

The winning choice for saving time and securing new clients

We’ve unlocked a whole new level of efficiency with Swydo and the team has seen a significant increase in productivity. With the saved time, we have secured some big clients who only sign on if you have a good and professional reporting system in place. 

We use Swydo reports to show them how well we’ve done during our contract renewal process. We can easily monitor our campaigns’ performance and progress, which has been incredibly helpful in making data-driven decisions and has been a vital selling point for our agency. 

Besides that, Swydo is affordable. It’s a more cost-effective solution than other reporting platforms we’ve tried, like TapClicks and Funnel. And whenever we’ve had questions, Swydo’s customer service team has been amazing and prompt. We highly recommend giving it a try.

Discover how Swydo can save you time while delivering meaningful marketing insights. Sign up for a personalized walkthrough or try it for free here! 

Citrus Nobilis

Citrus Nobilis achieves a 30% productivity hike thanks to Swydo

Citrus Nobilis is a digital marketing agency based in Greece. While online digital marketing is our primary business, our specialists also conduct digital marketing educational programs for businesses and individuals.

A tool for team collaboration

Having worked in the industry since the emergence of the Internet in Greece, we have experience in the field of online promotions since its early days. For our digital marketing agency, we were looking for a convenient and effective way to create reports for our clients and needed a tool that could collaborate with the whole team. We found Swydo 7 years ago and the platform consistently meets all our agency monitoring and reporting requirements, eliminating the need to look at other solutions.

Letting data speak for itself

By sending reports through Swydo, we have saved communication time with our clients. We can present results that showcase the impact of our work better than we could ever explain with words. It is now easier to monitor our campaigns’ performance within the app.
Also, our clients are impressed with the reports they are getting. They might not always understand what they read, but the data visualizations speak for themselves and give better clarity and the branding features adds to our professional image as a marketing agency.
Furthermore, by using Swydo, we have more time for analyzing and optimizing campaigns to improve performance. Our team’s productivity has increased by about 30% because of Swydo. 

Our top 4 favorite features

Send log
We can now get an overview of which of our clients have been emailed and check the status easily. This helps with better client management and reduces manual work. 

Report scheduling
Our team can now put the reports on autopilot and focus on optimizing the campaign results. In the rare instance when something goes wrong with the delivery, we can easily resend the report.

Client overview
By getting a clear overview of all our clients within the app, we can manage them easily.  

Data comparison
Comparing our data with a previous period can be useful to show our clients how their campaigns, ads, posts, etc., perform and help us make decisions about future campaigns.

An all-in-one reporting solution

Swydo is a great platform. It has helped us grow as an agency and as a team. We have been using Swydo – and pronouncing it wrong! (Swee – doh) – for more than 7 years. With Swydo’s help, our reports are top-notch and always arrive on time at our client’s inboxes. Now, we know who opened the report and who didn’t. In the very rare instance when something goes wrong, there is always help available.  Thank you for the collaboration and many more years of working together!

Want to learn how Swydo can help you gain meaningful marketing insights while saving you time through reporting automation? Get in touch with us and sign up for demo or a free trial!

BigWave Marketing

BigWave Marketing saves money by reducing manual reporting hours

BigWave Marketing is a creative growth agency based in the United Kingdom. They offer a complete range of in-house resources tailored to all marketing needs for effective online and offline campaigns for small and mid-market businesses all over the world.

Saying goodbye to manual reporting and handwritten summaries
Our Paid Media (PPC) department grew 100% in team size between 2017-2019 and this is down to streamlining internal processes and increasing productivity. Having Swydo set up meant we had more time to grow our clients’ businesses and focus on performance rather than writing weekly manual summaries by hand.

Our previous reporting software ‘Agency Analytics’ was way too basic and did not give the ability to add visual graphs to the detail that our client needed. With Swydo, we increased our client communication by adding weekly notes to our live reporting dashboards which reduced email traffic between our account management team and clients.

We estimate based on saving one hour of time per person, per day on reporting, we could have potentially made an additional £6,675 per year (after the cost of the software). The time lost on manual reporting initially cost us almost £11,000!

A tailor-made approach
Swydo integrates with most Paid Media channels such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, and TikTok!  The reports can be as simple or complex as needed. We can tailor each report to suit the information the clients want to see based on how much they pay us for management. In addition to the monthly report scheduling, the live dashboard sharing has been fantastic as a selling point as it helps us win new business. 

The key features we love about Swydo are:

Report templates
Who wouldn’t love their own custom-branded report? They are impressive and we always receive positive feedback on how pretty they are.

Client overview and management
We find this section useful for managing multiple clients.

Report scheduling
We trust our report scheduling and they rarely fail but when they do this is easy to fix and re-send.

Simple and effective. Adding colors to the reports and graphs added an extra touch and is a winner with internal client marketing teams. They’re able to take screen grabs and add to their own marketing summaries.

Data comparison
An opportunity to see previous campaign data to inform current campaign best practices and decisions on objectives. 

A winning solution

We have been a customer of Swydo for over four years. We are advocates of the software and our teams now enjoy reporting which speaks a lot about how easy and powerful it is. The brand and report templates have been a great feature to use as it has allowed us to keep our reporting consistent and simplified for our clients. We recommend that folks try Swydo, as it will improve your reporting time by at least 20%, and clients LOVE it!

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Serenity Digital

How Swydo made client reporting efficient for Serenity Digital

For any all-service marketing and communications consultancy, client reporting forms the crux of their operations. And for an agency with a rapidly growing client base, that exponentially increases time focused on reporting and data tracking. That’s the situation we found ourselves in at Serenity Digital.

Serenity Digital provides creative, technical, and acquisition services, including marketing strategy, copywriting, social media management, PPC, SEO, email marketing, web design, and more.


With so many clients and a multitude of digital platforms being used, we needed a way to consolidate our reporting statistics under one roof. It was a very manual job before that required us to log in to each platform and make notes of the statistics individually which left us vulnerable to the possibility of making errors. The platform we were looking for had to help us save time, and have customizable features. We briefly considered using Hootsuite but realized it didn’t have the capabilities and functionality that we were looking for. 

Why Swydo?

With Swydo we can intuitively navigate the platform. The product is easy to use. We can integrate with all the major social media platforms, ad analytics, and ad platforms that our clients use. An added advantage is we can customize the reports on a per-client basis and pull the statistics that we need as an agency and analyze performance to make data-driven decisions with our clients.


Since using Swydo we have seen significant improvements in our client reporting process. With Reports Templates we save plenty of time when onboarding new clients and can personalize our reports for each client. We use Swydo as our reporting hub and we can connect to multiple data sources and pull data quickly and in one place for all our clients which saves us time. We also use it as a monitoring tool and data comparison allows us to quickly and easily see performance comparisons over a period of time. We appreciate the ability to create online dashboards that can be shared with clients – it not only helps us save time but also takes away the need of sending out daily and weekly reports.

Want to learn how Swydo can help you gain meaningful marketing insights while saving you time through reporting automation? Get in touch with us and sign up for demo or a free trial!

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