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MondoMarketing is a performance driven digital marketing agency based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. For the past 10 years we have helped many organisations succeed with our results-driven, strategic and pragmatic no-nonsense approach. By focusing on our clients’ target audience and the customer journey, we reach the right target group at the right time with the right message. We are experts in devising and executing performance-driven digital marketing campaigns and helping our clients get the most out of their digital marketing efforts and budget.


Prior to using Swydo, our reporting process was completely manual, and took up to 32 hours a week to complete the process. Our challenge was to provide client reporting in a more time efficient manner, so we could use that time on more important tasks such as strategy, campaign executing and optimization. Another challenge we faced with manual reporting was the opportunity for human error while copying and pasting data from separate spreadsheets.


With Swydo we can easily create reports with data from multiple marketing channels – like Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram and Microsoft Ads – all at once. Using Swydo has eliminated the chance for human error as the data is loaded automatically and directly from the data sources we’ve selected. It is very easy to create customizable templates, and we’ve built our own brand template in our company style colors, fonts and images. This assures that we have a more professional uniform appearance. Plus the drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to create custom KPIs that our clients need.

By using Swydo for our reporting, we can easily customize the reports. And we’ve been able to reduce the number of hours spent on reporting by 50%, giving us more time to focus on our clients and generating new business. While we did look at other potential reporting solutions, we found that Swydo was the most simple and complete platform to work with.

Favorite Features

– The drag-and-drop interface makes it very easy to create custom reports for our clients.
– The flexibility to create our own metrics with the custom metrics feature.
– The Google Sheets integration is invaluable for including different data and new channels that are not yet connected with Swydo.



Loyals is a communications agency that helps companies grow and build brands. Our specialists select the right marketing communication mix to achieve our clients goals, and are not afraid to change that mix if the market calls for it and enables new opportunities. Our analysts understand the power of data and know how to use this data.

We believe in results, so we have always demonstrated our professional work through these goals. That is why it is essential for us to use a tool that facilitates the collection and organization of the data from our campaigns.


When we started over 17 years ago, we used Excel spreadsheets for reporting because it offered us exactly what we were looking for: data management and control. At the beginning it was quite useful and simple, since we did not need much data to be able to generate the reports. However, as we grew and started using more digital marketing channels, we began to generate large amounts of data from different sources that were not easy to manually combine into one clear report. We needed to look for a more efficient solution – a tool that would not only offer us the data management and control we needed, but would also allow us to automate the collection and organization of data.

Our continued growth led us to become an international digital agency, which further complicated the reporting process with the need for more customized reports for new clients, new languages, new digital marketing platforms and more colleagues involved in reporting. We thought that it would be impossible and that we would have to build our own reporting tool with the use of Google Data Studio, but fortunately after a good online research, we found Swydo, the most complete reporting tool in the market, that adapts to our needs and in which we have trusted until today.


Our favorite Swydo features that have helped us solve our challenges include:

Time Saving
Through Swydo we can connect to all the digital marketing platforms we use. It saves us approximately 40 hours of monthly reporting and has allowed us to spend that time thinking in the next big thing.

Added Custom Value
Through email templates we can make an automated email feel close and personal, which improves our relationship with customers and also saves us time that can be spent on improving their campaigns. We also love the ability to create custom reports for each of our clients, and in the languages they need.

Additionally, we’ve been able to leverage the benefits of Swydo reports as a selling point when our sales team conducts discussions with future clients.

Improved Client Management
We use Swydo to set up KPI dashboards to closely monitor the results of our clients, which makes it easier to make decisions in our clients’ marketing campaigns. It allowed us to automate not only the reports for our clients but also for ourselves. For our internal reports, we create custom widgets that provide us with specific knowledge for each client.

Valuable Customer Service
We very much appreciate the attentive and multi-language customer service that Swydo provides, as this has made it easier for us to communicate with the tool.

With Swydo we can focus on achieving the best results for our clients in an efficient and time-saving way. We communicate with professional looking reports that are tailored to contain only the data that is most important to their business goals. Swydo supports our international growth by offering the most flexible and complete reporting tool in the market.

Black Propeller

Black Propeller

Black Propeller is an industry-leading PPC agency based in Bel Air, Maryland. We specialize in paid search and paid social advertising for small to mid-market businesses all over the world.


As marketers who love crunching numbers and diving deep into statistical trends, we naturally have an affinity for spreadsheets. We’re geeks like that. In the early years of our agency we relied solely on Excel and Google Sheets to compile and deliver reports for our clients. To be honest, we were pretty stubborn about it. Despite the intense amount of time and resources that went into our spreadsheets, we loved the granular control we had over our tracking and reporting. With spreadsheets the possibilities are endless. That’s the upside. But there are some major downsides to using spreadsheets that were really starting to hold us back.

#1 Automation – As our agency grew, controlling every aspect of reporting from set up to delivery became tedious. Sure there are hacks, formulas and work-arounds to make things semi-automated, but nothing like the capabilities of a SaaS solution like Swydo. Everything from templates to automated delivery became much easier when we gave up the spreadsheets for Swydo.

#2 Visuals – While spreadsheets are fully capable of producing endless charts and graphs, they’re not the most visually appealing. We wanted our reports to have more polished visuals that were inline with our brand.

#3 Collaboration – As our staff increased in size, we wanted a hub where all of our reports could be easily managed. The ability to organize all of our reports, manage users, create templates, and easily produce shareable assets quickly became a necessity for us.


Swydo has made an impact on our bottom line by making our reporting process more efficient and adding value to our client relationships. Given that the pricing is very affordable for the value Swydo adds, we have gotten our return on investment many times over.

The other key benefits we’ve gained from using Swydo are:

Improved client retention – The reports that we deliver through Swydo allow us to clearly demonstrate the success that we are having for our clients. It provides a sense of transparency as well. Our clients know we are giving the performance results, good or bad, and they really appreciate it.

Helped secure new clients – We have made it a point to include custom reporting as a key selling point in our proposals. During the sales process we make sure to mention it as well, and I’m certain it has helped us close more deals.

Our “Top Five” reasons we love Swydo:

Report Scheduling
Being able to fully automated the delivery of our reports has been a game-changer for us. Knowing that our reports will be delivered on time with a personalized email message saves us a ton of time each month – to the tune of 30-40 hours!

Report Templates
The ability to create custom report templates is also a major time saver. While we want to give each client a truly custom report, we have found that 99% of clients are happy with one of our 4 or 5 preset templates.

Over the years we have spent a lot of time and effort building our brand. It has become one of biggest assets as an agency and it is something we are very proud of. The flexibility Swydo offers to allow us to incorporate our brand into our reporting is extremely important to us.

From day one, Swydo support has been phenomenal. We love the fact that they are a smaller team and committed to delivering a high level of service. That’s not something that is as common as you’d hope in today’s SaaS world.

Here’s another thing that is not easily done with a spreadsheet. Or maybe it is and our Excel chops just aren’t up to par. But the ability to easily set measured goals and show visuals based around those goals is awesome. And most importantly, our clients love it too!

Effective Digital Marketing

Effective Digital Marketing

Located in Dublin, Ireland, Effective Digital Marketing works with businesses to help them generate online leads and sales through search engine optimization and Google Ads.

We have a 5 step SEO framework that allows us to learn about your business, improve existing online assets, build new online assets, and promote and evaluate your business. This SEO framework helps keep things streamlined and enables us to be hyper productive.

By incorporating Google Ads, we can shorten the time frame typically required to see a positive return on investment through SEO alone. We anticipate that you will see a positive return on your investment within the first 60 days of working with us.

Our deliverables and reporting will show you exactly how effective we have been on a monthly basis. We have the expertise, track record, systems and tools to get you from where you are to where you want to be.


Client reporting was taking too long – up to 1 day per client per month. It was turning out to be a laborious affair using a combination of Microsoft Excel and Powerpoint.

This time could have been spent more effectively working to improve results for our clients, and was putting the business under unnecessary pressure. We also found that putting data manually into Excel had accuracy problems – purely down to the ‘human element’.

While we did our best to format these manual reports, they didn’t quite look the way we wanted. We always felt that they were missing something from a visual standpoint.

After putting all this time and effort into presenting our month’s work of data, we often found that clients wouldn’t fully understand the detail in the report and especially how it was presented. We work directly with business owners and busy CMOs who want to see an easy-to-understand visual representation of their online growth. Things just weren’t working out when it came to working with Excel and Powerpoint in this manual fashion.


Implementing Swydo has been a breath of fresh air. We now can integrate a number of different online advertising mediums into one professional looking report. We save time – an hour a day – and have eliminated manual reporting tasks. We can track performance in real time, improving communication between our paid search and SEO teams. Finally, we have happier clients because they have a better understanding of how their marketing is performing.

Our “Top Five” reasons we love Swydo:

This is huge. We work with businesses that have a wide array of reporting needs. We need to see different advertising medium metrics broken down by campaign across different dates all in the same report. We also need to see this in real time. Swydo takes care of all this.

We use the schedule reports functionality to send regular reports internally. This allows our different teams to get a quick snapshot on how things are performing in real time and helps them work in concert with one another. We also use the schedule report functionality to send reports to our clients. These are highly customised reports that look impressive and showcase exactly what’s required for the clients’ business in an attractive and professional manner.

Google Sheets Integration
This integration has really expanded the capabilities of Swydo. Used correctly, there are no limits to the data that can be displayed. We can add advertising spends together, display cumulative cost per leads across different advertising mediums and more. For instance, we’re able to add Google Ads and Facebook Ads costs and divide by total website inquiries. All displayed in a very attractive visual report!

Online Dashboards
This feature allows us to dip in at any time to a report to see how things are performing. No need to login to the platform, just click on the bookmark and jump straight in. We can quickly see a picture of how campaigns are performing using the online dashboards functionality.

The support has always remained consistently good with Swydo. They take feedback from their customers seriously and implement new features where possible. These guys care about their customers – and that makes for a good relationship.

DGAZ Marketing

DGAZ Marketing

Our agency is located in São Paulo, Brazil led by Daniel Gaz and a team of over twenty professionals specializing in search engine optimization and Google Ads. Since 2008, we have worked with over 600 organizations across Brazil, Portugal and the EUA, and we plan to expand even more for 2021. We strive to share our knowledge with up and coming marketers, and frequently lecture at our local universities.


When it comes to generating strongly performing campaigns, we think that starts and ends with data analysis. But prior to using Swydo, our manual reporting process took precious time away from that analysis and our optimization efforts. We were spending too much time pulling data, creating spreadsheets and customizing reports for each client. And in order to monitor performance, we had to check each account daily to see what was working, and what we needed to change. With over 60 clients, this made monitoring and reporting extremely time consuming.


Initially when we started using Swydo, we had to take the time to create the initial reports with the data we needed to inform clients, and determine the best KPIs, captions, comparisons and platform integrations.

Once we saw how simple and easy it was to create customized report templates, we adapted the reports in order to bring to customers something new, different and superior (we believe) than most other agencies. And our team really appreciated the ability to schedule report delivery ahead of time, rather than the need to manually send reports.

Swydo makes it easy for our team to change the template reports, including the capability to to incorporate text comments to help explain particular data points for each customer. Today we provide highly customized reports adapted to our clients’ individual needs, with specific feedback from our managers explaining the results. Our clients love the reports we provide, and the professional visualizations have improved their understanding and engagement with the data.

For us it was also a big deal that we could translate KPIs to Portuguese, instead of the automatic translations used into other report systems we used before Swydo. And we also leverage the platform to create internal daily reports to double check performance, monthly spends and more. Consolidating all of our clients into a single report makes the management of a large number of accounts much more… manageable. We’ve saved significant time on our reporting and monitoring processes, enabling us to focus on driving campaign performance and making happier, more successful clients.

We’ve had the opportunity to test other reporting platforms, but Swydo does stand out and we definitely recommend them. We plan on maintaining our long-standing partnership with such a friendly and caring team.

The SEO Works

The SEO Works

The SEO Works is an award-winning provider of digital marketing, websites and paid social for leading brands and prospering small to medium size enterprises. We help businesses measure, understand and maximise their online potential.

Our expert team is made up of content managers, link builders, brand managers, web techies and experienced online marketers who work together to provide measurable results for our clients.

We pride ourselves on delivering top-quality results that are based on proven techniques and an intimate, dynamic knowledge of ethical online marketing practices. We’ve won 15 awards for our work over the years and have 5 star customer reviews across many review platforms.

It’s our mission to get our clients more exposure, leads and customers online!


Reporting is a major headache for most agencies. We use multiple paid marketing platforms to deliver our clients campaigns, but each has their own version of a report output. In the past, we had to pull those various reports and either combine them together in a spreadsheet, or provide separate reports by channel. But we found this to be very time consuming to create some consistency, the individual channel reports lacked our branding, and were unable to show a ‘whole view’ picture of activity. It was not an optimal situation.

It became clear that that we needed to find a solution that enables us to provide reporting that:
(a) represents something that is valuable to the client;
(b) was customisable for each client’s unique KPIs and;
(c) doesn’t take hours of manual time creating from scratch each month.


We tried Swydo and liked the ability to pull data in from multiple sources, the ability to filter that data, and the ability to create templates that could be customised per client. We were able to improve efficiency across the team – as much as 30+ hours a month – as we no longer had to pull data from multiple data sources to see the bigger picture, and made it easy to compare performance over different time slots.

With Swydo, we’ve increased our productivity and are able to focus more time on strategic account work and internal development. It’s easy to create branded, bespoke reports that our clients love, which we are able to customise to their preferences and include additional ‘non standard’ KPIs. Using Swydo, we feel confident that we’re providing our clients valuable data and insights to make better decisions.

AdEdge Digital Marketing

AdEdge Digital Marketing

AdEdge Digital Marketing creates and manages Internet marketing campaigns that grow businesses through research, smart campaign development and performanced-based optimization. We offer SEM, SEO, PP and other digital marketing tactics that work. Located in Westport, CT we are a Google Partner Agency.


Prior to finding Swydo, we conducted all of our weekly and monthly reporting manually. Reports would be created in Word and Excel, and data was manually imputed into these reports. We spent time not only cutting and pasting data, but additional time making sure the imported data matched the campaign data.

Many of our clients are using multiple platforms for ads so we would be jumping from platform to platform just to create one report. It was time consuming, frustrating and unproductive, and we knew we needed a professional reporting tool.


Once using Swydo, we were able to quickly create reports that integrate Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Google Analytics and Search Console. It allows us to create custom KPIs for specific client goals such as contact forms submitted. Plus we’ve been able to use Swydo to create proposals when we had access to a prospects Google Ads account or analytics.

Now we can provide custom reports to our clients and give them the information they need, when they need it. Swydo saves us 4-5 hours per week, and 20-30 hours for monthly reports. A perfect solution for our agency that improved our productivity on the reporting side so we can focus more time optimizing and implementing new tactics for our campaigns.

Silver Beacon Marketing

Silver Beacon Marketing

Silver Beacon Marketing is a team of people with big brand and startup experience who believe that the Internet helps organizations make the world a better, more positive place in which to work and live. We created the agency to serve people who share that belief.


Because we had all worked in corporate environments, we know that too many people in our field rely on razzle-dazzle and jaw-dropping creative instead of data. They’re both important. But we remain true to the commitment we made when starting more than a decade ago that we should not create activity for a client without measurement and preset success metrics.

Every advertising and analytics platform had good or great tools to measure website activity or success, but there was nothing cost-effective that reported on search, advertising, social and email. So we ended up spending time making big PDFs out of multiple reports or juggling data from spreadsheets.

And we all know that data errors increase each time data is handled. There were times when we would reach out to a client and explain that some previous data had an error.


Monday is our report day with clients. That’s when we also set any short-term goals for the week. We began using Swydo because it allowed us to customize reports to the level that the client felt comfortable with, but also let us have our own reports to monitor issues that a client may not focus on.

A great example is looking at a website’s speed in several ways each day. No client wants to see that level of data, but it’s important for us to know if we’re working to improve the site’s speed.

Swydo reports look great and always work. We trust Swydo so much that we now send clients their reports using the schedule function. They receive the information when we do.

We save at least 3-4 hours of prep time every week, and we deliver a polished, professional looking report at a consistent time. You can’t put a price on giving

We’ve had former clients return and one of the first thing they tell us is, “I love your new reporting”.

When a marketer recently asked for advice on consolidated reporting in a private Facebook group, I immediately suggested Swydo. Some of the industry’s most recognized names immediately agreed with that recommendation. No other solution was even suggested.

Bloom Marketing

Bloom Marketing

Our agency, Bloom Digital Marketing is located in Vancouver Canada. We specialize in Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing solutions. Since 2006, we have worked with over 200 organizations across North America.


When our agency opened its doors back in October 2006 we quickly found ourselves spending a lot of time creating monthly reports for our clients. Reporting was tying up precious time that could be used to do business development and other high value activities for a new agency.

The first couple of years our client reports were done manually using Word documents with annotated screenshots and excel tables. Each report had to be done from scratch and it would take a good couple of hours to do each.

As our agency grew, reporting became a serious bottleneck in our productivity. So in an effort to expedite reporting, we started to look for automated solutions to pull data from AdWords and Google Analytics.  We met a very talented Excel Macro developer who helped us create a Macro that would pull all of our clients’ data from Adwords and would create individual spreadsheets with charts and graphs with all the relevant metrics.

This little experiment cost us $3K and while it did save a lot of time, the reporting process was still largely manual…

Two-months after we had this Macro created we hit the first of many bumps with the tool. Adwords changed the default order of the data columns and this broke the Macro. We had it fixed only to have it break two more times; after which we just gave up and started looking for other options.

We found a tool called Campaign Coach that offered reasonable pricing and seemed to function well. This tool would pull metrics from AdWords to create a pdf report with pre-determined charts and graphs. The reports were not exactly pretty but at least we did not have to go back to annotated screenshots!

We used this tool for several months but we could not get over the lack of flexibility in the formatting of charts and graphs. We also had no control over the metrics; which become more and more frustrating.

From there we went on to try Raven Tools which was a good reporting tool, but in our opinion the price to functionality ratio was not ideal. We only used Raven Tools for one month before we finally hit the jackpot!


While browsing questions about SEM reporting solutions on Quora someone recommended a brand new tool called by a funny name: “Swydo”.

Our interest was piqued, we went in and created an account and immediately liked the features and ease of use. But to be perfectly honest, we did not start using Swydo right away. We had gotten use to the status quo and were reluctant to try yet another tool. A few weeks later, one of the partners, feeling frustrated with Excel, noticed the new Swydo subscription and decided to check it out. She was immediately impressed and urged us to adopt the tool for all our reporting requirements. Within a few hours we had all our clients and reports setup in Swydo.

This was March 2015. Since then we’ve used Swydo as our exclusive reporting tool. We also use it it to create proposals and website audit reports.

Swydo has transformed our business. In the past, creating monthly reports was a daunting task. With Swydo it takes just a few hours a month; and leaves us lots of precious time to focus on other important tasks. Not only are our clients and prospects impressed with our clean and detailed documentation; it has allowed us to create a consistent brand template and take our business presence to the next level.

Thank you Swydo!


Cause Inspired Media

Cause Inspired Media

Cause Inspired Media is an agile, rapidly growing and diversified team of people who have always been looking for meaningful work and have found a place to do just that. When we started Cause Inspired, we wanted to create a company where people would actually want to be. This meant that our work couldn’t be simple and it couldn’t be for the sake of profit. So we found a way for our days to be interesting, challenging, and by definition, meaningful. Working with nonprofits has allowed us to create a special place that makes our team want to get out of bed and come to work.


When we found Swydo we were looking for a way to clearly demonstrate our value to our clients while simultaneously saving time. We have been with Swydo for some time and before that we were hand typing reports within template we had created internally. This simply wasn’t sustainable as a growing organization.


Swydo has saved us countless hours over the past 2 years. I never have to wonder if my teams sent their reports out to clients on time or if they were wasting time writing a report when they should focused on getting better results for our clients. Additionally, we use it to find and correlate data that is hard to see in other platforms.

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