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AdCalls provides call tracking data to optimize marketing campaigns and strategies based on anonymized conversion data. With AdCalls you can measure telephone conversations in the same way you measure web conversions, and get a complete picture of the customer journey, from search to sale.

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Key benefits

Integration Swydo and AdCalls

  • See what traffic sources provide valuable conversions
  • Link call data to visitor behavior
  • Optimize your website and sales conversions
Key features AdCalls
Dynamic call tracking

Gain insights into the calls and conversions your marketing campaigns generate through linking search and surfing behavior.

Offsite call tracking

Monitor the effectiveness of your telephone number at locations and media outside of your website to analyze offsite marketing activities.

Assign value to leads

Qualify telephone leads so that you can optimize campaigns based on conversions that are really valuable to you.

Follow up leads immediately

Get in touch with customers who make an online request within one minute. You’ll be notified immediately once a lead leaves details, and receive a follow up email for any missed calls.

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