Swydo is your AdWords reporting tool

Make your monthly, weekly and on the fly adwords reports in minutes

Please check our example Adwords reporting example Example Adwords Report .

In Swydo creating an adwords report is super simple. We even have templates.

You connect data providers, like Google Adwords and add widgets to the report.

Reports can be re-used easily for other clients. Each widget has widget settings, like segmentation, filtering and presentation.

Metrics can be selected in the widgets. Swydo also supports KPI's that can have a target and a data range comparison. 

At the Moment we connect with Bing Ads, Calltracking Metrics, Facebook Ads, Facebook Graph, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Google Pagespeed, Google Webmaster Tools and Pingdom. Twitter Ads integration will be released soon.

A report has a cover page with an optional logo and extra information. You can brand the reports with brand templates that let you control colors, fonts and other elements of the report. Reports can be downloaded in PDF format and send directly from Swydo. You can even schedule reports.