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Report online marketing results with dashboards, PDFs and scheduled emailing.

Swydo makes reporting to franchisees very easy

Reporting in franchise organisations

As a franchiser you probably have a centralised marketing department that performs services for your franchisees, like AdWords, Bing ads or advertisement on Facebook. Its a great service and increased professionalism as you provide your franchisees with regular reports on the performance of these campaigns.

Swydo can make your life easy. With our software you can pull in data from a vast selection of providers like AdWords, Facebook, Twitter, Google Analytics and more. These reports you can share on a regular basis via scheduled email linking to online reports of PDFs.

We even have the possibility to share a restricted part of Swydo for the individual franchisee to create their own reports, powered by your centralised marketing department.

Ask your account manager for specific possibilities on white labeling or create a free trial with the Swydo software to see the possibilities.