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Swydo saves countless hours. An Excel report could easily take five or six hours. With Swydo, it takes 10 minutes, maybe 20.

Chris Cabaniss, Co-Founder, Falcon Digital Marketing


Location Houston, Texas

Why Swydo

  • Quick and Clear Data Comparison
  • Exceptional Customer Support
  • Intuitive Interface
  • Time-Saving Reporting
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Cut Reporting Time by 50%: Falcon Digital’s Swydo Success Story

Monica and Chris Cabaniss, the heart and soul behind Falcon Digital Marketing, have a story fueled by passion and expertise. In 2015, after years of tackling the highs and lows of digital marketing, the husband-wife duo decided to join forces and build something better.

Their journey began in Houston, Texas, where they founded Falcon Digital Marketing. “My wife and I decided to start our own agency,” Chris recalls. “We both had similar career paths, working at different agencies and realized we could create something better together.”

Chris’s career was a winding road that took him from GoDaddy to in-house roles at investment companies and various advertising agencies. Along the way, he discovered his true calling in paid advertising. “I dabbled in SEO and web design, but paid advertising was my real strength,” he says.

But even with their extensive experience, Monica and Chris knew they needed a solution to streamline one of the most tedious aspects of their agency work—client reporting. This is where Swydo came into the picture. Swydo’s intuitive and robust reporting became an essential part of Falcon Digital’s operations, remodeling their client reporting process and allowing them to focus on what truly mattered: delivering outstanding results for their clients.

The Challenge

Before discovering Swydo, Chris and his team faced a common problem that plagues many marketing agencies: time-consuming and inefficient reporting. “There wasn’t really a good automated reporting option,” Chris explains. “A lot of people did Excel, which is nothing against Excel, but you had to build all of it manually. You had to pull in the data, and it was just hours and hours to build out reports.”

This manual process was not only tedious but also inefficient. “People spend six hours in Excel, and the client spends two minutes glancing at the report,” Chris says, highlighting the disconnect between the effort invested and the client’s appreciation of that effort.

Discovering Swydo

The turning point came when Chris encountered Swydo while working at a different agency. Impressed by its capabilities, he knew he had found a solution that could transform Falcon Digital’s reporting process. “When I started my agency, I knew I wanted to use Swydo. That’s the best one by far. I will not use another tool in my own agency because I’ve used it, and you just instantly pull any report,” Chris recalls.

The Solution

Swydo’s intuitive interface and powerful features made it an invaluable tool for Falcon Digital. It offered a stark contrast to the laborious Excel-based reporting they were accustomed to. “Swydo is intuitive. There isn’t that much training needed, and people know it’s easy to use,” Chris notes.

One of the standout features for Chris and his team was the ability to compare data quickly and clearly. “The comparison is simple, but it’s the best thing. It’s red or it’s green. The arrow is up, the arrow is down. It doesn’t seem like a big feature, but in Excel, that’s a hassle to do. In Swydo, it’s very simple but incredibly effective.”

Time Saved and Efficiency Boosted

The impact on Falcon Digital’s productivity was immediate and profound. “It saves countless hours. An Excel report could easily take five or six hours, whereas, with Swydo, it takes 10 minutes, maybe 20,” Chris says. This drastic reduction in time spent on reporting allowed the team to focus more on their core activities – creating and optimizing campaigns for their clients.

Chris elaborates, “For our agency, that grows profit significantly and makes it easier to scale. I like how Swydo is condensed like that, so I can quickly do reports and go on to many other things that I have to do as an agency owner.”

Simplifying Client Communication

Not only did Swydo streamline internal processes, but it also improved how Falcon Digital communicated with its clients. “Clients often ask for reports constantly. They say, ‘What did last week look like? Can we compare year over year?’ With Swydo, you can just instantly pull any report,” Chris explains.

The simplicity and clarity of Swydo’s reports were particularly appreciated by clients. “Clients skim them. I mean, that’s the honest truth. They just want the high-level things. I like the way Swydo especially shows it with red and green arrows. That’s what most clients look at.”

This clarity in reporting not only helped in retaining clients but also in onboarding new ones. “Clients want to know what our reports look like during the sales process. We’ll give them a sample report, and they like to see what the reports are going to look like. It helps us close sales.”

Enhancing Agency Profitability

Swydo played a crucial role in Falcon Digital’s ability to retain and scale client accounts. Chris shares an impressive example: “We have clients that started with us many years ago at $5,000 per month. Now they’re at about $50,000 per month. Because we can show them with very clear reporting, the more you spend, the more you make.”

This black-and-white clarity in reporting made upselling seamless and convincing. “We increased the budget by 50% last quarter, and we increased sales by 350%. Based on that, I think we should increase the budget by 50% again. It wasn’t projections. It was just there. The reporting numbers said it all and the comparison didn’t take 2 days to make but just a few clicks.”

Exceptional Support

Another aspect where Swydo shines is its customer support. “They’ve been great. The team is very responsive. If they can’t immediately find the answer, they do follow up on it. They’ve added features that we’ve asked them to add. It just feels like we’re really taken care of,” Chris commends.

For any digital marketing agency or freelance marketer tired of spending endless hours on manual reporting, Swydo offers a breath of fresh air. As Chris puts it, “Stop spending all your time on pivot tables and Excel that clients read for about one minute anyway. Swydo is great.”

By drastically reducing the time spent on reporting, simplifying client communications, and enhancing overall agency profitability, Swydo has become an indispensable tool for Falcon Digital Marketing. Whether you are an agency owner, in-house marketer, or freelancer, Swydo can transform your reporting process, allowing you to focus more on what truly matters – growing your business and delivering exceptional results for your clients.

Ready to experience the Swydo difference? Sign up for a free trial today and see how it can streamline your reporting, boost your efficiency, and help you achieve your agency goals.

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