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Reporting for Agencies

Retain clients and scale your business with customized marketing reports

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How it works
1. Select template

Choose one of our predefined templates or create your own

2. Connect

Connect your data sources

3. Customize

Customize your data to meet your client's needs

4. Share

Schedule and share a dashboard, PDF or online html report with your team or clients


Build trust and scale your business with Swydo

Scalable reporting




SCALABLE client reporting

SCALABLE client reporting

Scale your reporting effortlessly

No matter the size of your team or if you have 10 to 1000+ clients, Swydo grows with you. Use our API integration to automate client reporting and integrate with other systems like your CRM to make account creation and report scheduling more efficient. Save time by creating one or more report templates that can be used across multiple clients. And since our templates are dynamic, one change to the master template will feed through to any reports linked to that template, eliminating the need for individual report updates.

Swydo leaves you more time to analyze and optimize marketing efforts, bringing your clients more value, as well as time for you to focus on building your business.

SCALABLE client reporting
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Build trust and increase brand visibility

Maintain your brand and the trust you’ve built with clients through Swydo’s customization capabilities. You have full control over the logos, colors and fonts used in your Swydo reports.

Plus our custom domain feature allows you to use your own domain for both sharing dashboards and reports as well as the email addresses used to send those reports, reinforcing your brand and increasing deliverability. And your custom domain comes with an SSL certificate to secure and encrypt your data.

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Control client data access by user

Swydo’s role and permissions capability enables you to control who has access to what data, which is particularly helpful for working with freelancers. You can easily set your Swydo environment up to allow individuals access to only the clients they specifically work with, providing an extra level of security to sensitive data.

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Connect and integrate data into one report

Create professional, multi-channel marketing reports, saving you time by eliminating the need to pull data manually from individual channels.

In addition to our many existing connections with platforms including Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more, our Google Sheets integration will allow you to leverage additional data sources through exported csv data, or you can set up your own custom integration to any other data resource. Just select from our existing data source connections or create your own!

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additional features

Swydo is customizable and built for your needs...

Client management
Client management

Client management is simplified with filter options and centralized overview of activity like tracking which clients have received and read your reports.


Share reports via PDF or online dashboard - whatever suits your clients or team best.


Save time by creating new or customizing pre-built report, brand, and project templates to re-use across your clients and campaigns.


Set and track KPIs and goals to gain insight into how your efforts are impacting the business.

White label
White label

Customize reports, URL and email to reflect your branding with complete white label solution.


Use Swydo's API to connect different systems, including your CRM platform, to become more efficient and effective in reporting and client management.

Automated Reporting
Automated reporting

Automate your reporting process and schedule reports to send monthly, weekly, daily - whatever you and your clients require.


Provide actionable insights your clients need through fully customizable reports.

Multi-language reports

Create reports for your clients in their native language with 14 languages available

Custom Domain

White Label Reporting

Our Custom Domain feature allows you to use your own domain when sending emails via Swydo and sharing reports/ dashboards. This reinforces your brand and trust you’ve build with clients, and makes it easy for clients to bookmark reports and respond to them. We’ll even secure and encrypt your data with an SSL certificate.

Paid Onboarding Services

Custom Account Setup

Need help setting up your clients in your Swydo account? Our expert onboarding team saves you time and ensures that you are benefiting from all the platform has to offer.

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Connect with your favorite data sources

Easily connect and integrate data in a single report

Client testimonials We serve over 2,000 large and small agencies. Discover why our clients choose Swydo
Chris Crawfort / Kick Media, Australia

If I had to describe Swydo In 2 words they would be “Game Changer”. Before we found Swydo all our reporting was done manually which took more than 2 days per month for each of our account managers. Not only do we have more time to spend optimising accounts but the reports our clients receive have improved tenfold.

customer 1

Chris Crawfort

Barry Abraham / Brickwaymarketing, USA

I am very, very happy with Swydo. I don't know what I would do without it.

customer 2

Barry Abraham

Grant Hensel / Nonprofit Megaphone (USA)

I love that Swydo’s report automation takes a time-consuming and error prone process out of my staff’s hands. Our reports look professional, provide correct information, and are customized with terminology our client base understands. All with just a push of a button.

customer 3

Grant Hensel

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