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We were going to try you out for a few months, and hey, it's been more than four years, and we love it.

Juan Knoepffler, Digital Marketing Manager, User Friendly Media


Location The Woodlands, Texas

Why Swydo

  • Exceptional Customer Support
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How Swydo’s Customer Support Saves the Day

Juan Knoepffler has been cruising the digital marketing landscape for over a decade. His career began in traditional marketing roles, but his curiosity and drive led him to digital advertising. Specializing in Google Ads and Bing campaigns, Juan has seen firsthand how digital marketing can transform businesses. Four years ago, he joined User Friendly Media, a company originally rooted in phone book services that transitioned to website building and digital marketing.

“When you start building websites, the next question is always, ‘How do I get people to my site?’” Juan explains. To meet this demand, User Friendly Media decided to offer Google Ads as a product. Juan was brought in to set up the digital marketing department from scratch, including training sales teams and establishing procedures.

The Challenge: Streamlining Reporting for Rapid Growth

One of the biggest challenges Juan faced was creating reports. With 30 to 40 clients ready to onboard, Juan needed a way to automate reporting. He recalls, “I have to create the accounts, talk to customers, walk the sales reps through things, manage the accounts, and do the reporting. I needed to automate as much as possible to focus on managing the Google Ads accounts effectively.”

Initially, Juan considered using free tools like Google Data Studio but found them lacking. “I didn’t like it. I’ve tried Data Studio before and never liked it,” he says. He needed a solution that was easy to use and could automate most of the reporting tasks.

Finding the Right Match

After researching and meeting with several companies, Juan had a walkthrough with a Swydo representative. “It just felt different,” Juan recalls. “I love the layout. I love how easy it was to do everything, how to set up automation for emails.” What started as a trial turned into a long-term relationship. “We went with Swydo, we were going to try you guys out for a few months, and hey, it’s been almost four years, and we love it.”

The Power of Exceptional Customer Support

One of the standout features for Juan is Swydo’s customer support. “The number one thing really that I love about Swydo is the customer support,” he says. Juan shares a story about a time when he noticed a logo was missing from his reports. “I clicked the chat box, mentioned the issue, and in less than 15 minutes, I had a reply from Andrea, breaking down what was going on. It’s always like that, and I’m very impressed with the customer service.”

He also loves the templates feature and how hands-on the customer support team is, “I’ll send a message asking for a template for specific KPIs, and within a day, it’s in there. That really helps with managing everything efficiently.”

Easy Onboarding and Client Management

The ease of onboarding new clients is another significant advantage for Juan. “It literally takes two minutes to set up a new client. I get the client information, get the logo, set it all up, link whatever data source we’re going to be pulling from, and it’s done.”

For Juan, the ability to archive clients without completely removing them is a big plus. “Sometimes a client will run Google Ads for six months with us, get good performance, but maybe they want to try something else for a few months. I can archive them and easily add them back later without any hassle.”

Customizable Reports that Impress Clients

One of the features Juan appreciates most is the ability to customize reports according to client preferences. “Some clients like to see bars, some just the numbers. We can change the visualization of each one based on feedback.”

He also likes that he can mix ad types in the reports. “You can see your call-only ads, display ads, and the actual pictures will pop up, which is really cool. Clients love to see that.”

Showcasing Improved Performance

Juan highlights a specific success story that stuck with him. When he first joined User Friendly Media, an internal team member was managing some Google Ads accounts, but it wasn’t their main job. Juan took over and linked Swydo to both the old and new Google Ads accounts. “We did a side-by-side comparison of the previous six months and the new six months. The client loved the report!”

This comparison was possible because Swydo allowed Juan to pull data from both the old and new accounts, even though the old account was shut off. “The fact that we could pull both sets of information and present it to the client was a big win. The client was really happy, and it showcased the improvements clearly.”

Swydo Listens to Requests and Implements Them

Swydo’s feedback mechanism is another aspect Juan values. Initially, Juan had to manually change dates on reports, but Swydo listened to his feedback and made the process simpler. “Now it’s just a click of a button, and everything goes to the correct month. I love how you guys take our feedback and make changes.”

When asked about his day-to-day interaction with Swydo, Juan explains that the first week of each month is the busiest. “That’s when I do most of the reporting. After that, I only interact with Swydo if we onboard a new client or if a specific client needs something out of the ordinary.”

Juan also appreciates the time saved by using Swydo. “At the beginning, I was doing reports one by one. Now, changes like the date adjustment save me two to three minutes per report. When you’re doing 50 reports, that adds up.” Customer service remains a highlight for Juan. “If I’m ever stuck, someone always gets back to me quickly with screenshots or examples of how to do something. It’s great.”

A Win-Win Partnership

Swydo is the backbone for Juan and User Friendly Media. It has streamlined their reporting process, improved efficiency, and provided top-notch customer support. “We’re super happy with Swydo. It’s worth it, and our clients love the reports. It’s a win-win for everyone,” Juan says with a smile.

With Swydo, User Friendly Media can continue to grow and provide excellent service to their clients, knowing they have a reliable partner in their corner.

Ready to see why Swydo’s support is a lifesaver? Sign up for a walkthrough today and streamline your reporting, boost efficiency, and hit your agency goals.

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