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The Google Sheets integration has been completely game changing for us. We can now pull a huge array of data, charts and graphs in real time which is crucial to both our own and our clients’ businesses. This feature alone has saved us an hour a day.

Colm McKeown, Founder and Digital Strategist


Location Dublin, Ireland

Why Swydo

  • Improve client communication
  • Custom reporting
  • Flexibility
  • Integrating third party data
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Custom widgets lead to happy clients for this agency

Located in Dublin, Ireland, Effective Digital Marketing works with businesses to help them generate online leads and sales through search engine optimization and Google Ads.

We have a 5 step SEO framework that allows us to learn about your business, improve existing online assets, build new online assets, and promote and evaluate your business. This SEO framework helps keep things streamlined and enables us to be hyper productive.

By incorporating Google Ads, we can shorten the time frame typically required to see a positive return on investment through SEO alone. We anticipate that you will see a positive return on your investment within the first 60 days of working with us.

Our deliverables and reporting will show you exactly how effective we have been on a monthly basis. We have the expertise, track record, systems and tools to get you from where you are to where you want to be.


Client reporting was taking too long – up to 1 day per client per month. It was turning out to be a laborious affair using a combination of Microsoft Excel and Powerpoint.

This time could have been spent more effectively working to improve results for our clients, and was putting the business under unnecessary pressure. We also found that putting data manually into Excel had accuracy problems – purely down to the ‘human element’.

While we did our best to format these manual reports, they didn’t quite look the way we wanted. We always felt that they were missing something from a visual standpoint.

After putting all this time and effort into presenting our month’s work of data, we often found that clients wouldn’t fully understand the detail in the report and especially how it was presented. We work directly with business owners and busy CMOs who want to see an easy-to-understand visual representation of their online growth. Things just weren’t working out when it came to working with Excel and Powerpoint in this manual fashion.


Implementing Swydo has been a breath of fresh air. We now can integrate a number of different online advertising mediums into one professional looking report. We save time – an hour a day – and have eliminated manual reporting tasks. We can track performance in real time, improving communication between our paid search and SEO teams. Finally, we have happier clients because they have a better understanding of how their marketing is performing.

Our “Top Five” reasons we love Swydo:

This is huge. We work with businesses that have a wide array of reporting needs. We need to see different advertising medium metrics broken down by campaign across different dates all in the same report. We also need to see this in real time. Swydo takes care of all this.

We use the schedule reports functionality to send regular reports internally. This allows our different teams to get a quick snapshot on how things are performing in real time and helps them work in concert with one another. We also use the schedule report functionality to send reports to our clients. These are highly customised reports that look impressive and showcase exactly what’s required for the clients’ business in an attractive and professional manner.

Google Sheets Integration
This integration has really expanded the capabilities of Swydo. Used correctly, there are no limits to the data that can be displayed. We can add advertising spends together, display cumulative cost per leads across different advertising mediums and more. For instance, we’re able to add Google Ads and Facebook Ads costs and divide by total website inquiries. All displayed in a very attractive visual report!

Online Dashboards
This feature allows us to dip in at any time to a report to see how things are performing. No need to login to the platform, just click on the bookmark and jump straight in. We can quickly see a picture of how campaigns are performing using the online dashboards functionality.

The support has always remained consistently good with Swydo. They take feedback from their customers seriously and implement new features where possible. These guys care about their customers – and that makes for a good relationship.

Want to learn how Swydo can help you gain meaningful marketing insights while saving you time through reporting automation? Get in touch with us and sign up for demo or a free trial!

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