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Swydo addressed most of our previous pain points and offered a cost-effective alternative to Supermetrics.

Jordan Glickman, Founder, Impremis Marketing


Location Phillipines

Why Swydo

  • Report Templates
  • Easily Scalable
  • Live Dashboards
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Becoming a Data Reporting Expert: The Impact of Swydo on Jordan Glickman’s Agency Growth

From a journey that began in the world of powerlifting and bodybuilding to becoming the driving force behind a seven-figure agency with a global clientele, Jordan Glickman’s story is nothing short of remarkable.

Armed with nothing more than a backpack and boundless ambition, Jordan left college on a one-way ticket to Asia with two dreams in mind – to make a difference for business owners and to gain the freedom of working for himself. Along the way, he stumbled upon a newfound love for performance marketing, which shaped the trajectory of his life.

Launched in November 2017, today, Jordan’s agency Impremis Marketing boasts over 20 remote team members and serves more than 200 clients worldwide, managing millions in advertising spend per year.

From Athletic Discipline to Business Performance

Drawing from his experience in Powerlifting, Jordan’s focus on output and results has been a constant. “It’s all about what you put in is what you get out.” Impremis Marketing primarily focuses on e-commerce and service-based businesses, strongly emphasizing actual performance. “It’s not just about acquiring leads or clicks; it’s about generating actions that convert into paying customers, traceable from the initial click to the final purchase. Whether it’s a fitness center, online pet brand, or a recruitment agency, our expertise lies in orchestrating the journey from click to loyal customer through performance marketing,” he says.

However, Impremis is selective, ensuring that clients align with their size, complexity, and suitability criteria. “We are clear that we don’t cater to everyone, but our core areas of focus in terms of performance remain lead generation and e-commerce brands,” Jordan says.

The reporting requirements, hence, must be tailored to match the depth and strategy of the campaigns, ensuring that Impremis meets the needs of its diverse clientele.

Why Effectively Managing and Reporting Client Data is Crucial for Scaling

Scaling an agency with little experience has been quite a challenge, and that’s exactly what drew Jordan in. “The challenges, the growth, the effort — I wouldn’t change a thing. Finding those initial customers, earning their trust, and building those relationships were all pivotal steps in shaping our business. The transition from a small team of three to a team of twelve in just 30 days was incredibly demanding. Scaling further to around 20+ team members was equally challenging. It’s a shock to the system, dealing with new problems and learning to adapt. Looking back, the challenges we faced then seem like peanuts now, but they’ve all been part of the journey.”

Effectively managing and reporting client data is essential for the success of any marketing agency, and for Jordan, it was no different. Before using Swydo, they initially used various methods, including Google Data Studio, Supermetrics with Google Sheets, and PowerPoint presentations, to handle data reporting. These manual approaches were a common choice for startup agencies like theirs. However, their biggest pain point with these methods was the inconsistency and difficulty in fixing issues when they arose. Jordan recalls, “Data Studio, in particular, often broke, making it challenging to set up new metrics and tracking. As our client base grew to 20 to 30 clients, it became unrealistic to manage this way,” he says.

Swydo helped Jordan’s agency scale by providing a more reliable and efficient solution for data reporting, “Swydo addressed most of our previous pain points and offered a cost-effective alternative to Supermetrics, which had become expensive for agencies with large clients like ours. Swydo not only streamlined our reporting process but also made it more scalable for our expanding client base, offering a more sustainable solution for our needs,” he says

Swydo vs. Supermetrics

For time-strapped agencies trying to scale, every minute is precious, and client reports need to be simple and realistic. Swydo helped them achieve that. “I would never consider Supermetrics again. I think the main pain points were really just breakage and the complexity of using it consistently, trying to create beautiful dashboards that we were probably making more complex than we needed to because we wanted them to be amazing,” he recalls.

He eventually found Swydo via a Google search. “We have stuck with Swydo for so long because it’s as easy as clicking ‘create a template,’ and we can throw up a dashboard instantly. I actually had to explain that to a client last night. She asked, ‘Why haven’t we had a dashboard yet?’ I said, ‘We send these immediately after ads are live.’ So, if we don’t send it to you immediately upon the ads being live, I can click three buttons and have your dashboard over to you perfectly. So, I do like that about Swydo. How you can quickly use a template and make it easy and seamless. Making small adjustments is really, really easy that anybody can figure out.”

Swydo’s Impact: Streamlining Operations and Enhancing Client Satisfaction

Saved Time: Jordan asserts that Swydo has drastically reduced the time his agency spends on setting up and continually monitoring each client’s account. “I’m estimating that Swydo conserves approximately six to ten hours per client monthly for us because of instant dashboard creations, pre-built templates, and easy report replication.” Jordan’s agency primarily leverages Swydo’s core features, such as Live Dashboards and the ability to choose between PDF and other formats for reports, “This flexibility ensures we can tailor their communication to clients’ preferences without disrupting data sources.”

Client Satisfaction: Through Swydo, Jordan’s agency expeditiously furnishes clients with access to the desired data and insights. “This swift dashboard creation and easy client eliminate the need for clients to wait or repeatedly contact us for updates. Consequently, it elevates the overall client experience and minimizes the frequency of client inquiries about their accounts.”

Ease of Metric Customization: Jordan finds the process of changing metrics in Swydo to be exceptionally straightforward and simplistic. He notes that even team members who aren’t advertising experts can handle this task.

All-Encompassing Accomplishment

The transition from complex manual reporting to simplified, dynamic dashboards is a reflection of Impremis Marketing’s commitment to delivering the best possible results for its clients. As Jordan put it, “You get whatever you put in,” and with Swydo, they are putting in efficiency, performance, and client satisfaction, reaping the rewards of their hard work. Today, Swydo is a vital partner in their continued success story, saving time and ensuring clients receive top-notch service.

Join Jordan and countless others who have discovered the Swydo advantage. Start your journey toward more efficient, client-focused reporting today. Your path to data-driven success begins with Swydo.

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