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Swydo just works. For busy advertisers like us, we need “just works”.

Kirk Williams, Owner & Chief Pondering Officer


Location Billings, Montana

Why Swydo

  • Saves time 
  • Easy to use
  • Reliability
  • Monitor performance/ campaigns progress
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6 Ways Swydo Makes ZATO Reporting Better

ZATO® Marketing is a micro agency founded by PPC expert and influencer Kirk Williams. Our team of paid search specialists focus exclusively on managing and optimizing PPC campaigns for long term growth. We very purposely keep the ratio of clients to account managers low so we can build thoughtful, strategic long term partnerships to grow our clients’ businesses and ROI. With over 45 years of paid search experience across 5 team members, we know PPC.


Our approach to paid search management requires us to really dig into the details, have a handle on all accounts, take swift action to identify and rectify issues while maximizing opportunities. We wanted to spend our time on nurturing and growing our client accounts, not on reporting. 

On the other hand we didn’t want to skimp out on the high level of transparency and communicating results to our clients. Because of the way we work, we needed a simple, reliable and cost effective tool to support our campaign monitoring and reporting. Since we started with Swydo back in 2015, we have tried other alternative platforms, and we’ve completed our due diligence. More expensive options had unnecessary bells and whistles than what we needed, and required more training, and the less expensive options didn’t offer easy report creation and editing. Much like Goldilocks, we found our perfect fit with Swydo.

Here are the top six ways Swydo makes our reporting better

1. An Intuitive Platform And UI

After analyzing and sending thousands of client reports with Swydo, we’ve found the platform’s UI to be intuitive and easy to use. We’ve rarely ever needed their customer service because Swydo just works. For busy advertisers like us, we need “just works”.

2. Simple And Sensible Report Building

The report building is quite simple. When we train a new hire, we’ll have them dive right into Swydo and figure it out themselves after a brief training session. It’s just, not really that complicated. Add a Widget here, add a KPI there, boom! In the past, we had been sucked into the possibility of a more advanced and customizable solution that allowed us to design the kitchen sink into every report. Then we realized, we don’t actually need that. We just need a solid, affordable solution that does what we want to do and looks good too.

3. Ease Of Automation And Scheduling Reports

For reporting at ZATO, we have always had a more customized nature to it. We like to dig into an account, build our takeaways, draw our clients’ attention to what’s important, and show them what we are doing in the future. We also like having the option for scheduling the reports in case there are any we need to send regularly without corresponding commentary.

4. Option For Helpful Internal Reports

Speaking of report building, we discovered a valuable use for Swydo we hadn’t thought of before working within its environment. We realized the reports we were sending to our clients were customized for them, to allow them to get instant access to the KPIs most valuable to them… so why couldn’t we do the same for our own purposes? We began to build separate, custom internal reports with our clients’ data in Swydo to be sent to us automatically with specifically the KPIs we cared about, often with more detail than what we send to clients on a monthly basis. We developed a couple of specific use cases for this. 

One of them is the ZATO Daily Glance. This allows us to see, at a glance, every single client in our book of only a handful of the most essential KPIs. This allows us to get a human looking at every account’s metrics daily, and because of this, we have caught more than one concerning change in metrics that allowed us to investigate further into the account. 

5. Custom Reporting 

Swydo makes it easy to add customization into our template reports and widgets. Here are three key ways we leverage this:

  1. The Front Page: We add our own branding and style to the front of every report (saved as a template of course) so every report looks professional and fits with our ZATO branding. 
  2. Notes: While ZATO prefers to add most of our notes in email form, we value the ability to add custom takeaways directly in each report as well. This allows us to answer some of their common questions (what is CTR?) right within the report itself.
  3. Custom URL: we recently added our own URL into our client reports, so we can send clients links to their reports and in their viewpoint, the reports are hosted on A cool customized touch!

6. Team Management Support

As our agency team has grown, I have begun to value the aspects of Swydo that help me manage our team. Being able to seamlessly assign roles and connect on client reports within our team is extremely valuable and makes us more streamlined. 

For all the reasons mentioned above and many more, we would highly recommend you give Swydo a try!

Want to learn how Swydo can help you gain meaningful marketing insights while saving you time through reporting automation? Get in touch with us and sign up for demo or a free trial!

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