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Since using Swydo, we’ve seen an increase in client retention based on campaign reporting and an improvement in our communication with clients.

Marissa Piccione, Digital Marketing Manager, J&E MediaCorp


Location Rochester, NY

Why Swydo

  • Increased productivity 
  • Affordable solution 
  • Customization 
  • Customer Service
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J&E Media Corp. saves time and boosts client retention with Swydo

J&E Media Corp. is a Rochester-based full-service digital marketing agency. From website design to social media management to online ordering and more, they provide a range of comprehensive digital marketing services for clients across the globe.

Putting together monthly reports was a challenging task

We were seeking a platform that could help us effectively scale our clients’ businesses and better communicate the value our agency was providing.

We had one person manually sending reports out to over 100 of our clients. This would take days to complete each month. We needed a way to streamline this. We looked at TapClicks, Funnel, and Swydo.

Swydo worked best with what we needed/wanted in a reporting system. It provided us with a solution that not only helped us achieve our goals but also allowed us to visually demonstrate our impact to our clients. The result has been improved client retention and increased revenue for our agency. 

Choosing Swydo as the best solution for our needs

After trying various reporting systems, we found Swydo’s custom filter option to be a team favorite. We run hundreds of campaigns under one Facebook account, and no other reporting system provided an option to filter by ‘ad name’ to ensure only specific campaigns would show up on their respective reports. This was huge for our company!

This option has been a game-changer for our team and has saved countless hours of manual filtering and has been an invaluable addition to our reporting process.  

Swydo’s standout features our agency swears by for faster reporting:

1. Report Templates

Swydo offers a variety of report templates that make creating reports much easier for our agency. The templates are highly customizable, which allows us to quickly create reports that cater to our client’s specific needs.

2. Branding

We love the ability to add our company’s logo and client colors to the reports. It makes everything look much more official and professional, and it helps to reinforce our agency’s brand with our clients.

3. Custom data

Adding third-party data via Google Sheets was a win-win for us.  We don’t always use big box names for advertising, so we were happy to learn we can add any platform data easily. 

4. Template Gallery

It gives us ideas on what reports our clients might like or need. This feature helps us save time by providing a starting point for our report creation process.

The winning choice for saving time and securing new clients

We’ve unlocked a whole new level of efficiency with Swydo and the team has seen a significant increase in productivity. With the saved time, we have secured some big clients who only sign on if you have a good and professional reporting system in place. 

We use Swydo reports to show them how well we’ve done during our contract renewal process. We can easily monitor our campaigns’ performance and progress, which has been incredibly helpful in making data-driven decisions and has been a vital selling point for our agency. 

Besides that, Swydo is affordable. It’s a more cost-effective solution than other reporting platforms we’ve tried, like TapClicks and Funnel. And whenever we’ve had questions, Swydo’s customer service team has been amazing and prompt. We highly recommend giving it a try.

Discover how Swydo can save you time while delivering meaningful marketing insights. Sign up for a personalized walkthrough or try it for free here! 

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