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With the data connectors I needed, using Swydo for reporting made financial sense. I was worried about the pricing change, but to my surprise, our overhead dropped significantly.

Tim Holland, Founder, BotLabs


Location Northwest Arkansas, USA

Why Swydo

  • Cost-effective
  • Scalable
  • Saves 6 hours a week
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Double the Jobs, Half the Stress: Swydo Simplifies Reporting for Multi-Tasking Digital Marketers

Tim Holland and his wife Laura had different plans in a world where banana bread and Dalgona coffee became pandemic sensations. They embarked on an exciting journey by founding Botlabs, a digital marketing agency in Arkansas. Their mission? To help local businesses thrive and boost their leads and revenue. And here’s the fun part—they managed to do all this while juggling their day jobs!

Every minute of the day is precious for a team as small as theirs. When Tim discovered the joys of automated marketing reports – it meant quick, hassle-free client reporting. No more manually creating separate dashboards for each marketing channel and wasting valuable time.

Finding An Affordable Solution Without Compromising On the Quality

In his quest for an automated reporting tool, Tim stumbled upon Agency Analytics. While the platform did save time on reporting, the price was steep. Tim recalls, “I had to pay per client, which added up quickly. Although the unlimited connectors were a plus, the cost outweighed the benefits. As a small business owner, I had to find an alternative to meet my expectations and needs.”

Tim was searching for a scalable platform that wouldn’t break the bank, and Swydo’s pay-per-unique data source pricing model turned out to be the perfect fit. Tim explains, “With the data connectors I needed, using Swydo for reporting made financial sense. Initially, I was worried about the pricing change, but to my surprise, our overhead dropped significantly.”

Being a small digital marketing agency means client reporting is everything. Choosing Swydo as Botlabs’ go-to reporting platform came down to these three vital points: 

  1. Price
  2. Scalability
  3. Templates

Simplify, Optimize, and Succeed

Tim asserts that Swydo has made things easy and is a significant time-saver. There is no back and forth with clients anymore. They get consolidated reports in their inboxes every Monday morning. “I save around four to six hours per week using Swydo. Having templates and making quick changes based on client requirements has been a game changer. And it’s a one-time setup – it takes 10 mins max, and we are good to go.” 

The Tech Stack Gatekeeper

When clients need new technology solutions for their business, Tim relies on Swydo to make it happen seamlessly. “Swydo is more than just a tool for us—it’s an essential platform that gives us easy access to our client’s data. We check the integrations and recommend what is already available with Swydo. Mostly, the integrations are always up-to-date, making our job even easier. It’s like having a trustworthy gatekeeper that keeps everything organized and accessible.”

On days when integration is missing, Tim uses Google Sheets. “I can easily connect my Google Sheets data and convert it into comprehensive reports and dashboards. And an added advantage is that I can also use the other data sources all in one place.”

As a small business owners, Tim and Laura find Swydo to be an indispensable tool for scaling their business while keeping costs low. Swydo streamlines their reporting processes and empowers them to expand their client base.  And while the pandemic may be over, their passion for digital marketing is ever-expanding, much like their local agency. With Swydo by his side, Tim saves valuable time, making his double job feel like a breeze.

Why not try Swydo and see how it can boost your reporting game? You can either get a customized demo or try out the free trial for some quick intel and efficiency gains. Don’t wait; join us now!

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