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Swydo is a one-stop shop that enables our team to quickly view, analyze and share performance data easily. The time saved on reporting enables us to focus on maximizing our client's return on investment.

Dolly Bagnall, Search Marketing Executive, Serenity Digital


Location Portsmouth, UK

Why Swydo

  • Increased Productivity
  • Saves Time
  • Improved Client Communication
  • Branded Custom reports
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How Swydo made client reporting efficient for Serenity Digital

For any all-service marketing and communications consultancy, client reporting forms the crux of their operations. And for an agency with a rapidly growing client base, that exponentially increases time focused on reporting and data tracking. That’s the situation we found ourselves in at Serenity Digital.

Serenity Digital provides creative, technical, and acquisition services, including marketing strategy, copywriting, social media management, PPC, SEO, email marketing, web design, and more.


With so many clients and a multitude of digital platforms being used, we needed a way to consolidate our reporting statistics under one roof. It was a very manual job before that required us to log in to each platform and make notes of the statistics individually which left us vulnerable to the possibility of making errors. The platform we were looking for had to help us save time, and have customizable features. We briefly considered using Hootsuite but realized it didn’t have the capabilities and functionality that we were looking for. 

Why Swydo?

With Swydo we can intuitively navigate the platform. The product is easy to use. We can integrate with all the major social media platforms, ad analytics, and ad platforms that our clients use. An added advantage is we can customize the reports on a per-client basis and pull the statistics that we need as an agency and analyze performance to make data-driven decisions with our clients.


Since using Swydo we have seen significant improvements in our client reporting process. With Reports Templates we save plenty of time when onboarding new clients and can personalize our reports for each client. We use Swydo as our reporting hub and we can connect to multiple data sources and pull data quickly and in one place for all our clients which saves us time. We also use it as a monitoring tool and data comparison allows us to quickly and easily see performance comparisons over a period of time. We appreciate the ability to create online dashboards that can be shared with clients – it not only helps us save time but also takes away the need of sending out daily and weekly reports.

Want to learn how Swydo can help you gain meaningful marketing insights while saving you time through reporting automation? Get in touch with us and sign up for demo or a free trial!

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