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This is hands down the quickest reporting system I have ever used.

Clifford Green, PPC Account Manager


Location Essex, UK

Why Swydo

  • Improved Client Communication
  • Report Templates
  • Great Customer Support
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How Squarestar Digital Enhanced Client Communication With Swydo

Whether you’re a small startup, a medium-sized enterprise, or a large corporation, Squarestar Digital is here for you. They run Google Ads, handle social media advertising, provide training, and design websites. Sounds like a handful, and it is.

For this Essex-based full-service digital marketing agency, it’s all about putting their clients’ products and services right where they need to be seen. So, when it comes to sharing the results of their efforts, they were looking for a tool that was user-friendly and intuitive, just like them.

We chatted with Clifford Green, the PPC Account Manager at Squarestar, to learn more about how they manage different client accounts, from plumbing suppliers to sellers of Cornish Cream or building a website for dog-walking. Being adept at accommodating diverse clients means having a reporting tool communicating insights while keeping time constraints in mind.

Geared Towards Client Expectations

Before using Swydo, Clifford found it challenging to create reports that met his clients’ expectations via Looker Studio. He often had to go through multiple iterations, wasting precious time and resources. However, with Swydo, the process has become much more streamlined and efficient. He says, “It’s quite a fluid, intuitive way of quickly generating a really professional-looking report. And making changes is pretty easy. Adapting it to exactly what your client wants is straightforward. There’s no worrying about alignment and positioning. Swydo just does it right.”

Swydo vs. Looker Studio

Sharing his experience with Looker Studio (formerly Google Data Studio), Clifford shares, “Swydo is much easier to use compared to Google Data Studio, especially in terms of layout and positioning. With Google Data Studio, everything looked misaligned and required dragging and resizing, which was a horrific experience. Swydo, on the other hand, is a dream in comparison as it allows for easy placement of elements without worrying about layout. It has also saved us a massive amount of time, around 20 to 25 hours a month for our PPC team every month. I love how fast the tool is. This is hands down the quickest reporting system I have ever used.”

Putting Faith in Data Visualization for Tangible Results

Small achievements are a big win for a team of 10 at Squarestar Digital. In the first month, they managed to get over 558 % ROAS for Cornish Cream. It all boils down to a measured and careful start.

They built up the Google ad spend gradually to the allocated amount over a period of 3-4 weeks. This gave plenty of opportunities to refine keywords, build the negative keyword lists, and get the ad creative right.

When asked about the specific platforms his team integrates with, Clifford mentioned Google Ads, Google Analytics 4, and Swydo’s PPC integrations. While some advertisers may use additional platforms, Clifford and his team have found that these integrations cover their needs effectively.

Swydo has also transformed how Squarestar Digital presents data, “The reports generated by Swydo are visually appealing and clearly linked to the data. Gone are the days of simply writing numbers on a PowerPoint or screenshots from Google Ads platforms on a Word Doc. Swydo’s ability to create reports that look credible and professional has significantly impacted our client communication, too.”

Addressing Needs without Complications

When it comes to Swydo’s customer support, he mentions, “I have had a good experience with the support team, particularly the live chat. The support is dependable, with answers provided within 15 minutes. The support team also offers helpful videos, I was once stuck with something, and the representative even created a video to demonstrate a solution in real-time. Overall, I appreciate the straightforward approach taken by the support team, without unnecessary delays or requests for account information. That’s a winner.”

Join the ranks of Squarestar Digital and numerous other agencies that have made Swydo their ultimate choice for monitoring and reporting.

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