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With Swydo’s help, our reports are top-notch and always arrive on time at our client’s inboxes.

Anastasia Marianou, Senior Account Manager, Citrus Nobilis


Location Greece

Why Swydo

  • Client Management 
  • Report Scheduling 
  • Data Comparison
  • Send log
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Citrus Nobilis achieves a 30% productivity hike thanks to Swydo

Citrus Nobilis is a digital marketing agency based in Greece. While online digital marketing is our primary business, our specialists also conduct digital marketing educational programs for businesses and individuals.

A tool for team collaboration

Having worked in the industry since the emergence of the Internet in Greece, we have experience in the field of online promotions since its early days. For our digital marketing agency, we were looking for a convenient and effective way to create reports for our clients and needed a tool that could collaborate with the whole team. We found Swydo 7 years ago and the platform consistently meets all our agency monitoring and reporting requirements, eliminating the need to look at other solutions.

Letting data speak for itself

By sending reports through Swydo, we have saved communication time with our clients. We can present results that showcase the impact of our work better than we could ever explain with words. It is now easier to monitor our campaigns’ performance within the app.
Also, our clients are impressed with the reports they are getting. They might not always understand what they read, but the data visualizations speak for themselves and give better clarity and the branding features adds to our professional image as a marketing agency.
Furthermore, by using Swydo, we have more time for analyzing and optimizing campaigns to improve performance. Our team’s productivity has increased by about 30% because of Swydo. 

Our top 4 favorite features

Send log
We can now get an overview of which of our clients have been emailed and check the status easily. This helps with better client management and reduces manual work. 

Report scheduling
Our team can now put the reports on autopilot and focus on optimizing the campaign results. In the rare instance when something goes wrong with the delivery, we can easily resend the report.

Client overview
By getting a clear overview of all our clients within the app, we can manage them easily.  

Data comparison
Comparing our data with a previous period can be useful to show our clients how their campaigns, ads, posts, etc., perform and help us make decisions about future campaigns.

An all-in-one reporting solution

Swydo is a great platform. It has helped us grow as an agency and as a team. We have been using Swydo – and pronouncing it wrong! (Swee – doh) – for more than 7 years. With Swydo’s help, our reports are top-notch and always arrive on time at our client’s inboxes. Now, we know who opened the report and who didn’t. In the very rare instance when something goes wrong, there is always help available.  Thank you for the collaboration and many more years of working together!

Want to learn how Swydo can help you gain meaningful marketing insights while saving you time through reporting automation? Get in touch with us and sign up for demo or a free trial!

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