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In the past, creating monthly reports was a daunting task. With Swydo it takes just a few hours a month; and leaves us lots of precious time to focus on other important tasks.

Carlos Obregon, Co-founder


Location Vancouver, BC Canada

Why Swydo

  • Increased productivity
  • Use time more efficiently
  • Flexibility
  • Professional presentation
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Swydo helps Bloom Marketing take their business to the next level

Our agency, Bloom Digital Marketing is located in Vancouver Canada. We specialize in Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing solutions. Since 2006, we have worked with over 200 organizations across North America.


When our agency opened its doors back in October 2006 we quickly found ourselves spending a lot of time creating monthly reports for our clients. Reporting was tying up precious time that could be used to do business development and other high value activities for a new agency.

The first couple of years our client reports were done manually using Word documents with annotated screenshots and excel tables. Each report had to be done from scratch and it would take a good couple of hours to do each.

As our agency grew, reporting became a serious bottleneck in our productivity. So in an effort to expedite reporting, we started to look for automated solutions to pull data from AdWords and Google Analytics.  We met a very talented Excel Macro developer who helped us create a Macro that would pull all of our clients’ data from Adwords and would create individual spreadsheets with charts and graphs with all the relevant metrics.

This little experiment cost us $3K and while it did save a lot of time, the reporting process was still largely manual…

Two-months after we had this Macro created we hit the first of many bumps with the tool. Adwords changed the default order of the data columns and this broke the Macro. We had it fixed only to have it break two more times; after which we just gave up and started looking for other options.

We found a tool called Campaign Coach that offered reasonable pricing and seemed to function well. This tool would pull metrics from AdWords to create a pdf report with pre-determined charts and graphs. The reports were not exactly pretty but at least we did not have to go back to annotated screenshots!

We used this tool for several months but we could not get over the lack of flexibility in the formatting of charts and graphs. We also had no control over the metrics; which become more and more frustrating.

From there we went on to try Raven Tools which was a good reporting tool, but in our opinion the price to functionality ratio was not ideal. We only used Raven Tools for one month before we finally hit the jackpot!


While browsing questions about SEM reporting solutions on Quora someone recommended a brand new tool called by a funny name: “Swydo”.

Our interest was piqued, we went in and created an account and immediately liked the features and ease of use. But to be perfectly honest, we did not start using Swydo right away. We had gotten use to the status quo and were reluctant to try yet another tool. A few weeks later, one of the partners, feeling frustrated with Excel, noticed the new Swydo subscription and decided to check it out. She was immediately impressed and urged us to adopt the tool for all our reporting requirements. Within a few hours we had all our clients and reports setup in Swydo.

This was March 2015. Since then we’ve used Swydo as our exclusive reporting tool. We also use it it to create proposals and website audit reports.

Swydo has transformed our business. In the past, creating monthly reports was a daunting task. With Swydo it takes just a few hours a month; and leaves us lots of precious time to focus on other important tasks. Not only are our clients and prospects impressed with our clean and detailed documentation; it has allowed us to create a consistent brand template and take our business presence to the next level.

Thank you Swydo!

Want to learn how Swydo can help you gain meaningful marketing insights while saving you time through reporting automation? Get in touch with us and sign up for a demo or free trial!

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