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Already new features in Swydo (2 day’s after the new Swydo)!

24 January 2013

Last tuesday we launched the new Swydo. Reactions are great. We have upgrades, positive reviews and feedback for new features and improvements. People are most enthusiastic about the easy online marketing reports and task management. The PDF reports seem to really be a hit. We understand. We come from an agency ourselves. Every month we thought;” Oh now, we need to make the monthly reports. Baah!”. They evolved during time. MS Word docs with screenshots. For some clients we were really lazy and just put the Adwords report mail on and tried to customize a bit with the subject of the mail. But off course not 1 line of explanation could be included. In a later stage we could draft a pdf from an earlier version of Swydo, but it was still so, so. The Swydo version we launched a year ago helped us better than any manual thing we had before. But it still was not a joy to make these monthly reports. But with the all new Swydo we launched this week things are different.

You can use drafts, they look great, it’s fast. you can really make an impression within some minutes.

But we keep speed in development. The last two day’s we implemented:

– User management. You can now add and remove users as an admin. We will update the knowledge base soon.

– Better online marketing reports. We had some customers that made large reports. We extended the capacity.

We are working hard updating the support and instructional articles.

We have approximately 40 signups a day at the moment. They are from all around the world.

We keep you posted on a regular basis on the development.

Cheers, Jeroen