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Inbound Marketing, Running an online Agency

Can you outsource inbound marketing

23 May 2012

Hypothesis: Inbound marketing is more connected to the core values of an organization than outbound marketing. That’s why it is harder to outsource inbound marketing to agencies. Since inbound marketing becomes more important, some Agencies need to adept or else will get into difficult times.

Why: Inbound marketing is more about content, value, values, intrinsic motivation. Outbound marketing is less about content, it is more about looks, short messages and extrinsic motivation.

Next to CEO of Swydo I run a local Dutch online marketing agency. We take care of SEO, PPC advertising and Conversion optimization. We get more and more questions of customers what they should do with Social Media. Of course we pro-actively developed these services, so we setup nice LinkedIn company pages for our customers, implement LinkedIn direct ads and so on. But that’s not inbound, our customers need to open their tap of knowledge about their business and share it with their audience via blog posts, infographics, news articles.

Running the PPC campaigns of our customers is always a combination of technique and marketing feel. Of course we need to understand the proposition and USP’s of our clients, but CTR’s, conversions, quality scores gives us a lot extra info to manage campaigns.

Writing a blog post, twitter post, Facebook update for our clients is a different cup of thee. We need not only understand but really step into the lives of our clients.

Is that possible? hmmm. Or is our Agency role changing to consulting, best practices, initiating and project management? What’s your opinion?