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First customers for Swydo: recap of first online marketing activities.

1 July 2011

A week after the soft launch of Swydo we see the first customers signing up. We tweeted a little bit, fired up some CPC ads on Adwords and LinkedIn. We share the results with you.

On twitter some 400 followers followed us building the product the last year. Most of them seem relevant followers, active in online marketing, SEO, PPC. Most of them follow a lot of people and I don’t know about you, but I can’t read all updates, miss surely about 80% of them. So we took the freedom to post the same message a couple of times. We had some 20-30 visitors from twitter, directly to the site.

On LinkedIn we made 3 ad campaigns. One targeted at Groups, like online marketing group, one targeted at Agencies, we chose 50 of them, and one targeted at online marketing departments of big advertisers.

Here’s the results:

The CTR on Groups is ok, the rest is disappointing, so we need to take a look at our Ad copy and targeting.

On Adwords we have three campaigns: Search, Contextual and Placement. The search campaign is a bit difficult, because we have a new product and the real search volume is low. Hardly anybody is search for ” online marketing agency ERP” or ” online collaboration for PPC agency”. The Contextual display is doing better, but we skipped parked domains etc. Position targeting is hard, because premium sites like searchengine land don’t use Adsense.

Additional marketing activities include listing at the Google Apps marketplace, affiliate marketing and frequents blog posts.

So we keep you up to date and please give us feedback.