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Google and my father in law

19 March 2013

Every time my father in law takes pictures of our children he say’s: “please stand still, I can’t photograph you” or “do not move so fast, because the pictures will be unsharp”. On every such occasion we point him at the ‘super fast you can take a ferrari picture’ modus on his camera. No use. He thinks people have to stand still to be photographed. The results are boring pictures of my kids giving a fake smile. He should take pictures while they fall out of a tree, play soccer etc. Those are the best pictures. Kids move, they are the best when they are spontaneous

Things evolve, websites evolve. The best experience for the user should be the end goal, without thinking too much about the photographer, eeeuuh Google. That’s also what Google say’s on many occasions: do not worry too much about search engines, but create a unique product, unique, valuable content that gives the visitor a great experience.

When the two Google Founders started in a garage, they had to crawl the web as it was, nobody would change a website for them, so they were innovative in crawling all kinds of content. The photographer took pictures and worked hard and the ‘to be photographed object’ was spontaneous and did not worry much about the photographer.

I understand that Google does not give too much information about their algorithm. It would be like the photographer giving too much instructions. There will always be a fine balance between instruction and spontaneity.