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Tips & tricks

Here’s some tips and tricks for our valued Swydo users

29 July 2011

Swydo has several nice features that have to be unleashed a little bit, because they are turned off by default. ( in the next update we’ll change that). So please turn them on in your system settings.

White labeling

Put your own logo in Swydo. Enter your URL link in the system settings -> Agency section. Please put the logo in a httpS section, for instance in Google Docs, image and publish it.


Choose to notify your customers that they have access to Swydo (if you want that).

Task priorities

Give tasks priorities (and define the scale yourselves).
Google Docs integration: Integrate Google Docs with Swydo and link your contract, notes, drawings etc. to projects, tasks. (please check that you have a green light at Connection and Collection, if the collection is Red go to Google docs and make sure you have a Shared collection / folder with the name SWYDO_youragencyname)

Online marketing

Last month we integrated Google Analytics. Next month we will expand to webmastertools and Adwords.

In next released we will also simplify the set-up process. What we see that the order : define a service/product – ‘buy’ the product for your customer – plan the project – book the first task is technically briliant, but needs some explanation.

Another change in the next coming weeks will be that you can login via a login box on our site and you wont have to type in name anymore.  We’ll notify you when that’s ready.

Success of Swydo

Here’s some numbers on our success rate. We opened doors june 20th. We already had 5 agencies working with Swydo. Today we have app. 50 agencies of which most are still in the Free plan testing and setting up Swydo.


Please give us feedback at or drop us a mail at . Please check our twitter @swydo regularly.

Have a nice weekend,
Jeroen , Swydo