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Inbound Marketing

An Indispensable Guide On Tuning Your Content Workflow

31 January 2018

SEO is about rankings and PPC is about clicks, but content marketing is often perceived as a more complicated process. Setting up and maintaining an effective workflow to create and promote content is no doubt time-consuming and challenging. Fortunately, our friends at SEMrush took the time to simplify this task for you. They have released an ebook every content marketer should read. It offers insights for all stages of content marketing, from topic research and content relevance evaluation to choosing distribution channels and monitoring content performance.

How can the SEMrush guide help you personally? It depends on which point of the process you are currently in.

Content Creation

One of the most demanded skills among writers is the ability to be a Jack-of-all trades. Finding a topic that will truly fascinate readers is quite a task, especially on the world wide web, where almost everything can already be found. Moreover, creating text that will help your site rank higher in SERP requires thorough keyword research and tiresome analysis of your competitors’ materials. In the SEMrush Ultimate Guide for Content Marketers you’ll find comprehensive recommendations on how to automate content ideation, build the right keyword strategy from scratch, and even include SEO in your creative process. Everything beyond this scope should be left to your muse.

Content Audit

Surely no tool in this world can be a substitute for a good editor!  But all too often editors have to deal with blogs and sites filled with large volumes of of jumbled content that needs to be reviewed, evaluated and then discarded or remastered. Keeping this content up to date is back-breaking work, not to mention the fact that it’s not at all creative. There are very distinct parameters like traffic and user behavior signals, social media engagement, backlinks, and organic positions which tell you whether a certain piece requires an immediate brush up, and the guide contains detailed information of how to track each of these. Even if all the content you handle is perfect, there’s still room for some SEO tricks that will let the pages of your website perform even better.

Content Distribution

Let’s not let your great content go unnoticed! Actually, the right distribution is one-half of successful content marketing and shouldn’t be underestimated. And while SEO takes time to work, effective promotion can bring immediate results. Get insights on how to find relevant resources, and make your content visible for your target audience.

Performance Monitoring

Monitoring is crucial both for your strategy and your self-esteem as a content creator. Of course, no one can tell you how good your posts and articles are better than your readers, but there are many more factors that can be used to judge your content’s performance and how it contributes to your ROI. The metric to monitor depends heavily on your marketing goals (brand awareness, lead generation, or upsell), and the tracking process often involves a number of incompatible instruments and takes a long time. Learn which metrics correlate best with your goals and how you can keep close tabs on them with minimum effort.  


To make any content marketing strategy work you need to map out dozens of big and small tasks which in turn require the efforts of several people and even teams. So at the end of the guide, you’ll find out how to address the neverending challenges and retain control over the whole process from start to finish.

Download The Guide for Content Marketers by SEMrush