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Not To Be Missed Blog Posts Of 2017

4 January 2018

As we start 2018 with new plans and goals, we thought it might be helpful to highlight the most popular content posted to Swydo’s blog in the last year. Perhaps you missed one of these articles or this will be a helpful reminder to what you’ve already read, it’s our hope you can leverage these guides, case studies and how-to articles in the year to come!

The 5 Minute Guide To Understanding KPIs

This guide was actually published in late 2016, but continued to be one of the most popular posts in the last 12 months. It’s a valuable refresher on the difference between KPIs and metrics, and how to choose the best KPIs to measure campaign success.

50 AdWords Optimization Tips For Better ROI

If you want to retain your clients for the long run, you need to constantly deliver results – and the key to delivering improved results every month is ongoing optimization. We think this massive infographic highlighting optimization tactics for AdWords is a very valuable resource for digital marketers. 

Understanding Your Clients’ Customers Journey To Conversion

Uncover tremendous opportunities to improve your clients’ ROI and conversion rate. Mapping a customer’s journey from first click is  challenging, but this step-by-step guide will help you implement this valuable process.

Maximizing The Google Grant For Nonprofits: Case Study For The Chattanooga Zoo

The Google Grant is a generous $10k monthly stipend the company provides nonprofits to spend on its network. It does come with restrictions – text ads only and an ad bid max of $2 – that requires a thoughtful approach to ad strategy in order to maximize every dollar. We asked the Nonprofit Megaphone team to share the challenges, goals and results of their work with the Chattanooga Zoo.

Are You Under Reporting Your Results To Clients?

Last click attribution means any interactions earlier in the conversion funnel don’t receive proper credit. That is why looking at assisted conversions is so incredibly important for digital agencies to track and explain to clients. Learn best practices and techniques using Top Conversion Paths report in Google Analytics to ensure that you identify the full value of your ppc campaigns.

How To Quickly Calculate Content ROI

Engaging content elevates your brand’s value in the eyes of your audience and the search engines. But it can be challenging to determine its worth – what is your content marketing ROI?

Using one key metric, you can figure out which types of content most appeal to your audience, if/how your content creation is lacking, and where you can improve your content promotion processes.

How To Stop A Client From Going Silent After Your Proposal

It’s a challenge that faces all digital agencies – following up with potential new business after providing a proposal/quote. Agency advisor and coach Jason Swenk shares a different approach to combating the disappear prospect in this video.

Which Google AdWords Attribution Model Should You Use?

In order to maximize your AdWords budget, you need to determine which campaigns, keywords and ads get credit for your conversions. Enter AdWords Attribution. This article provides insights into the best attribution model to use and why, and provides step-by-step instructions to set your account to your chosen method.

The Benefits Of Client Reporting

Client reporting can be tedious, but successful agencies know regular and consistent reporting provides transparency, improves performance and raises your value in the eyes of your clients. Take a look at these tips to ensure effective and efficient digital marketing reports.

We hope you find this look back helpful and find some ideas and tactics you can apply to your own clients! Happy new year!