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PDF Online Marketing Reporting

4 June 2012

Yes! We got it. It’s the most requested feature for Swydo so far. We have been asked form Melbourne to Seatle for this feature and it’s live now.

You can now create PDF reports across all the online marketing metrics and KPI’s. Your can even add a summary text for your client or manager to explain the accomplishements.

And it’s even better: we have templates so you don’t have to type the introductory text again and again.

Reporting is ideal for online marketers making monthly or weekly reports for clients and management and will save you ton’s of time. This is the feature online marketers; from inhouse to agency, have been waiting for.

Of course the data from Adwords, Analytics , webmaster tools and twitter is included. Drag widgets in the right order, excluded/include widgets. It’s all there.

Have you been struggling and did monthly reporting take more time than the actual work itself? Now it’s time to save money.

Check out this new feature from Swydo in your Swydo account.

Swydo; for online marketers.