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Running an online Agency

Starting an Adwords Agency? Here’s ten tips for your toolkit

10 August 2012

Starting an Adwords Agency requires, next to a good set of brains and a macbook pro, a good software toolkit.

Here’s ten of the most used tools we can advise:

1. Google Apps for business  is a nice suite with which you can manage email, docs, calendar and other office tasks. No need to install anything, up and running in minutes.

2. The Adwords Editor is a tool from Google to easily manage campaigns, copy / paste ad groups and work on your campaigns offline.

3. Of course we cannot leave out Swydo. Task management and easy reporting for agencies. Track tasks, use Google docs and integrate with Google Calendar and easily report on Adwords, Analytics and webmaster tools.

4. Most agencies bill in a recurring fashion. You need a profesional billing app, like fresh books.

5. For keyword research use Google insights for search.

6. Track conversions not only via the Adwords conversion script, but always, if possible, connect the adwords account with the analytics account.

7. Get inspired through Google Agency Edge.

8. Use tools provided by Google in the Agency toolkit.

9. Be innovative. Know more and know it sooner than your clients. Follow Google Ad innovations.

10. Have some fun and some music. Tune in on Spotify and start creating those ads.