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Swydo has added recurring task and moved the manager tab.

2 March 2012

We are constantly working to make life easier for online marketers. We now have a great new feature: “recurring tasks”.  Designed just for the needs of recurring work. This was made because of the request of our customers. Yes, your opinion counts!

Swydo has changed some small things…

How does it work?

There is a new little icon found in the upper right corner of a specific task. Everything you need is in this one icon. You can select how often you prefer this task to reoccur and also the specific day or date this should happen.

To keep everything structured the new upcoming recurring task only appears when you have completed your current task.

The manager tab now becomes the progress tab.
Worksheet and Management merged together, all into one place. This way you can easily see the progress of your services. The progress tab is located in the worksheet above all the tasks and services.
Easy simple and even more organized!

Progress management even better than before.
You are easily able to see how much work has been done and completed from your tasks and services.
Our graphs make business even more convenient, so kick back relax and show your customers what you did this month through these nice graphs.

Feel more organized using our new features.

So Login to your Swydo account and try your new features now.

Oh, and one more thing: in case you are searching for the overview/dashboard. Stop searching. It’s gone. Who needs a dashboard when things in the other screens are crystal clear.

Just in case this brief explanation did not answer all of your questions you can visit