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Well, that was fun, our first Google Hangout

Yesterday we gave our first Google Hangout on how to use Swydo. A 30 minute monologue by myself, talking to a screen and seeing in the Google Hangout screen that a group of people are watching me at that moment.
Unlike Google with their smooth Hangouts, production team, professional equipment and lots of experience, we did the Hangout out of my study at home on a Macbook (camera and microphone). So, sorry for the Dutch version of English, for too fast talking (enthusiastic, I know) and for the remarks about the Dutch team in the 2014 WorldCup Semi Finals. (We lost from Argentina, I know… 🙁 🙁 ).

Please comment on this video below with questions about Swydo, items you want covered in more detail and any other things you want to ask about Swydo.

Thanks for watching,

Bert Catsburg

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