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Inbound Marketing

Top-10 reasons not using ‘top-10 reasons for x’ in your blog post title

11 March 2013

1. It is soooooo boooooooooooring.

2. You do not stand out anymore. Since somebody wrote down you have use top-y reasons for x, everybody is using this.

3. Do you really have 10 reasons or are you making the last ones up, to get 10?

4. It does not help you in SEO, the title is so generic, it has no keyword value.

5. Most posts like these are written down in 10 minutes. Most of them lack any depth and people know that.

6. If these kind of posts do get any higher CTR, the engagement will be low.

7. Do not focus on 10 messages in one blog post, focus on ONE great message/finding.

8. The subjects are most of times not well thought over.

9. Since the preparation time is too short, the publication timing/strategy is also sloppy.

10. This line is a non-value line, because I had to have 10 reasons.

My message: Focus on ONE great finding and share it. I well NEVER use top X for Y again.