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Top Swydo Blog Posts Of 2018

24 January 2019

As we plan and move forward with 2019, it’s also a good time to look back and review your favorite reads from the Swydo blog this past year. These guides, case studies and how-to articles fell into two key categories – Digital Marketing Tactics and Agency Management. It’s our hope this summary is a helpful reminder, and you can leverage these insights and tactics to grow your clients’ businesses – as well as yours – for the next twelve months.

Digital Marketing Tactics

It’s clearly important to focus on managing and optimizing your clients’ campaigns to maximize their marketing ROI and attract their ideal target audience. These articles provided practical advice and case studies to help you successfully boost your digital marketing results through SEO, content marketing and paid advertising.

An Indispensable Guide On Tuning Your Content Workflow

SEO is about rankings and PPC is about clicks, but content marketing is often perceived as a more complicated process. Setting up and maintaining an effective workflow to create and promote content is time-consuming and challenging. Our friends at SEMrush developed a valuable guide focused on all stages of content marketing, from topic research and content relevance evaluation to choosing distribution channels and monitoring content performance.

KPIs To Measure SEO Success

Measuring SEO results is vital to help your clients understand the impact of your efforts as well as make better informed decisions about marketing ROI. But what KPIs should you be measuring? Steven van Vessum, co-founder of SEO auditing tool ContentKing, provided a detailed review of operational SEO KPIs.

Content Ideation – The What And How

Successful content marketing starts with good ideas. But how you come up with them and evaluate if they will resonate with your audience? This article by Nikolai Boroda of SEMrush explores what’s behind a good idea, how to develop them and evaluate their worth.

Understanding The Use Of Attribution Modeling With AI/Machine Learning

AI/Machine Learning-based bidding requires experienced marketers to successfully apply these new strategies. Cause Inspired Media’s co-founder and COO Sean Kerr explores Smart Bidding/AI and Attribution Modeling, and ideas to use these tools to positively impact campaigns.

How To Maximize Content ROI With Topic Cluster SEO Strategy

The push to generate a lot of high quality content won’t pay off if you don’t have the right site structure and SEO strategy in place first. Check out this AccuRanker case study on how HubSpot tackled this challenge and significantly boosted their rank and share of voice.

Understanding The Impact Of AdWords Campaigns On Offline Commerce

Retail e-commerce sales reached $2.304 trillion in 2017, but around 90% of transactions still happen in brick and mortar stores. Your ROAS calculations are incomplete if you aren’t tracking the impact digital marketing campaigns have on offline conversions. Bloom Digital Media founder Carlos Obregon shares how revamping their reporting strategy enabled his team to attribute significant in-store traffic back to online efforts in this case study.

Agency Management

Delivering the results your clients want and expect is paramount – but it’s equally important to put effort into building and maintaining a healthy business. These articles provided insights from agency veterans on everything from client retention, account management, productivity tips and more.

Improving Client Retention Rates Through Reporting

Used strategically, reporting can help create buy-in and trust among clients by educating them about their business and showing the results you’re delivering. AKvertise president AkvileDeFazio shares how proper reporting and education has helped her agency retain clients and improve relations.

How To Manage Client Relationships By Thinking Like An Employee

By setting expectations upfront and thinking like an employee, rather than a partner, you’ll improve your agency’s client relationships and retention. Hubdo’s Pete Nicholls makes the case for this approach with his in-depth article.

Balancing Agency Growth With Daily Client Management

Ensuring your agency can handle new business acquisition while still delivering world-class campaign management to your existing clients can be a challenge. Since 2004, digital firm Ascendancy has been doing just that under the leadership of Helen Culshaw. She shares some of the creative ideas that have worked for her team.

We hope by revisiting these articles you’ll uncover some helpful tactics to use for your clients and within your own agency. Have a prosperous 2019!