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Top Swydo Marketing Blog Posts Of 2020

25 January 2021

It is that time of year to share the most widely read Swydo blog posts from 2020. It’s our hope these short summaries will help you leverage these insights and tactics to maximize campaign effectiveness and grow your business. 

We also want to take a moment to thank our guest blog contributors for sharing their expertise with our readers. If you have actionable, data-driven marketing insights or tactics you’d like to share with other experienced online marketers, or out of the box ideas for using Swydo, please reach out to us!

Swydo Case Study

We want to make sure that you are getting the full value out of the Swydo platform, so we’ve asked longtime customers to highlight the unique ways they leverage the tool – hopefully sparking new ideas for other customers to do the same.

PPC expert and long time customer Kirk Williams shared his insights and the top reasons he and his team count on Swydo, including how they make the most of its customization features to save time and improve team and client management.

Digital Marketing Tactics & Trends

You strive daily to maximize your clients’ marketing ROI and attract their ideal target audience. These articles provide practical advice to help you successfully boost your digital marketing results.

Facebook Ads KPIs To Use With 5 Campaign Objectives

If you are running multiple types of campaigns on Facebook, the KPIs you track need to reflect the specific goals for each campaign. Social media advertising expert and Akvertise founder Akvile DeFazio shares which Facebook Ads KPIs you should use to track the performance of Engagement, App Installs, Video Views, Lead Gen and Conversions campaigns. 

5 Local PPC Mistakes To Avoid

PPC can be a very powerful tool toward driving website and in-store traffic to local businesses. But you need to be smart about how you set up your campaigns and what metrics you track to make the most out of the opportunity – and your budget. Tech writer Kristin Herman shares 5 mistakes to avoid to ensure you’re maximizing your visibility and reach with local PPC.

SEO Wars: How Competitors Can Attack Your SEO Rankings And What You Can Do About It

Search engine optimization is a challenging but rewarding digital marketing strategy. It takes patience, time and skill to get to the top of the results for your industry – and to stay there. But all that hard work can be undone by others using black hat SEO tactics. Digital marketing writer Vanessa Kearney explores how your SEO rankings can be attacked, and the steps you can take to protect your site.

3 Steps To Setting Up Local Facebook Campaigns

Local Facebook campaigns can be incredibly effective in driving traffic and sales to your client’s online and offline presence. Frank Hamilton breaks down the three critical steps to create and maintain a successful local marketing campaign. 

Agency Management 

Optimizing campaigns and maximizing your clients results keeps you in business, but to maintain and grow your business, you need to communicate and prove your value efficiently and effectively.  These articles provided insights from agency veterans on everything from what and how to report, client retention, streamlining your processes and more.

The Importance Of Client Reporting And Communication During The COVID-19 Crisis

While this article was originally published in March of last year, many companies are still struggling with the harsh economic realities of the pandemic. While we are all hoping and looking toward a turn to normalcy in the coming months, we thought it was still timely and useful to consider how client communication can help you build and retain strong relationships during difficult times. 

Why Data Integration Is Vital

Given a choice and a budget, marketers would never bet on just one channel to drive revenue. Which means managing and monitoring multiple channels simultaneously for multiple clients with various goals – not an easy thing. This article takes a look at how and why integrating your data from multiple sources helps streamline marketing operations, improve optimization and helps you gain better data-driven insights.

The Marketing KPIs Your Clients Really Care About

“Those are the metrics that your reporting should emphasize and focus on because driving those metrics is what ultimately will help your client succeed, and agencies and consultants only succeed when the client is succeeding.” Amy Bishop of Cultative Marketing shares her tips on the selecting the best KPIs your clients need to focus on to make strong business 

Increasing Client Retention Through PPC Reports

Increasing customer retention is the most cost efficient and effective way to grow your agency’s business. Acquiring new customers can be 5x times more expensive than holding on to your existing clients, which is not a sustainable approach to keeping your business healthy. John Thornton, Founder and CEO of digital agency Black Propeller, shares how they’ve developed a reporting process that has played an important role in building transparency and trust with their clients – and improved retention rates.

How To Use Client Reports To Show Value

Elevation Marketing’s Ryan Gould provides a list of tactics to improve your client reports and reduce churn, improve communication, upsell additional services, and increase efficiencies through automated reporting.  

An Ultimate Guide To Write A Data Driven Marketing Plan

Creating a data-driven marketing plan can be challenging, whether you are creating it for a client or helping them through the process. This guide provides a clear set of steps to follow to ensure you meet your clients’ marketing needs and business goals. 

We hope by revisiting these articles you’ll uncover some helpful tactics to improve campaign  performance and grow your business. Have a healthy and prosperous 2021!