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When to exclude search partners in Adwords

22 April 2013

Going through a search campaign today I fired up de Search Query report, one if my favorites. Most of the times you find new ideas for negatives and new ideas for BMM of phrase match keywords. What got my attention were some Search Queries with multiple keywords. In this case a client sells professional tools for construction. One of the search queries was ” tooling do it yourself and reconstruction”  another ” battery do it yourself and reconstruction”. They both had triggered hundred of impressions, but no clicks. Excluding them as an exact match negative was the easiest, but probably least effect solution. What about adding a broad match negative. But this particular client did not mind selling to the ‘do it yourself’, as long he was willing to pay for professional tooling. But then it struck my mind that these queries must come from the search partner network.

So I went to campaign => Segment => Network and Yup, there’s my leak:

Now I can of course stop advertising on the Search partner network, but it would be interesting to know who this particular search partner is and the best practice would be to really dive into the Search partner network. PPC Epiphany wrote an excellent post about that.