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Google Ads, Product

AdWords for Video campaigns now in Swydo.

12 November 2015

It’s here. It was one of the most requested features: support for AdWords for Video campaigns. We could not support it, because it was not present in the AdWords API, the interface Swydo collects the data from. But now it is!

Four new widgets and KPIs.

We have made four new AdWords for video widgets and KPIs, including one overall video performance widget and graphs with the video view rate, # of video views and a video played to x % widget. These widgets and KPIs are available to all Swydo users in the widget chooser.

More recent feature updates.

Other recent updates that you might have missed in Swydo are the possibility to compare date ranges in the graphs, a brand new Google Analytics Goals Performance widget, Improved widgets for Google Search Console (including Country and Device filters), a Manual KPI and several Facebook ads improvements. We have more great announcements to make next week, so stay tuned for more updates.

Check the new features now!