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Inbound Marketing

Inbound is not the exclusive route

4 March 2013

ok, I’m completely unfashionable.

Probably this is like Mater at a cocktail party. I run the risk getting thrown out. But do not worry. I know wasabi is no pistachio ice cream. The contrary. But a little less Groupthink for ‘content’ and ‘inbound‘ please. Interruption is not a dirty word. It’s sometimes ok.

Sometimes you need outbound. You really do. Sometimes you need to interrupt and people need to be interrupted. People do not always know they have a problem that can be solved. People do not always know there is a solution. You may have earned a ton of reputation kudos, but they do not see the problem nor your solution.

Some people can have a problem that needs to be solved. Their invoicing is a mess; they need some good bookkeeping software. They never return calls to prospects; they need a CRM. Their feet hurt; they need new soles. These people sometimes neglect, forget or start the weekend every week thinking:” ah, again forgot to solve that problem”. These folks are helped by interruption, by someone that tells them what they need. They do not search, let alone interact.

Another segment is even more a challenge. They are not aware they have a problem. When you are unaware that you have a problem, you will not search for a solution. It can be helpful someone holds a mirror in front of you. You will realize you have a problem and perhaps start searching for a solution.

Of course there are people that do not have a problem, but are confronted with solutions for a problem they do not even have or already have solved. That’s suboptimal, ok , it’s annoying. But it’s up to the marketer to target better. And it’s getting better and better, with instruments like Audiences in Adwords instead of keywords, negatives, retargeting, custom audiences in Facebook ads etc. You just have to work harder to target right.

So what about content marketing and inbound? It’s great. It’s the bees to the honey. It’s for that smart, self conscious segment of your target audience that knows something needs to change and starts looking for knowledge and for a solution. You can interact. So that’s super. But this will only be a segment. There is no market that consist only of self conscious, pro-active human beings that are open and create time and devote energy to discover solutions for their issues.

There is a large chunk that needs a little interruption. So PPC is ok, email is ok when people subscribed, calling someone is not a crime.