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Automated Reporting and Monitoring for Online Marketers

Create professional online marketing reports and dashboards, save time and show your impact

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Automated Reporting and Monitoring for Online Marketers

Trusted by 2,000+ companies in over 80 countries



Very easy PPC, Social and Analytics reporting. Create beautiful and very insightful online marketing reports within minutes!



Simple KPI indicators tell you which online campaigns are going well or which needs your attention.


Easy to use reporting and dashboarding platform with advanced features



Create Comprehensive, Customized Marketing Reports in Minutes

With hundreds of available templates, widgets, and Key Performance Indicators, Swydo’s easy-to-use interface lets you drop in metrics across data sources with a click.

Report on Google Ads, Google Analytics, Microsoft Advertising, Facebook Ads, Facebook Graph and more.

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Easily manage multiple clients

Swydo makes it easy to scale and automate client marketing reporting for agencies and brands. Swydo’s unique features, like dynamic report templates, make changing hundreds of reports and dashboards possible with just one click. Our software allows you to integrate easily with marketing channels like Google Ads, Google Analytics, the Meta platform, social media channels, and many more.

With Swydo, online marketing agencies and franchisors improve productivity while building client trust and showing the impact of their marketing efforts and ROI.

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Monitoring & Alerting

Monitoring & Alerting

Keep track of your online marketing KPIs

Use Swydo’s Monitoring Tool to track all your client KPIs from one location, making it easier and faster to identify issues and take action. By setting up and automating custom KPI dashboards for each client, you’ll empower your team to proactively set goals, track progress and monitor trends to improve performance.

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Manage tasks in your workflow

Use Swydo to manage your team’s calendar, project templates, recurring tasks, time tracking and more. Integrates with Google Drive.

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Example reports

Create and automate your reports in minutes

analytics reporting

Google Ads Report

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analytics reporting

LinkedIn Ads Report

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analytics reporting

Facebook Ads Report

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Connect with your favorite data sources

Easily connect and integrate data in a single report


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Why choose Swydo:

  • Unlimited users, dashboards and reports
  • Pay per usage based upon data sources, no extra fees
    Pay only for the data sources you use
  • 30+ integrations included, with more to come!
  • Easy to use, straightforward platform that saves you time
  • Automated scheduling and management tools
  • White label, customize all communications with your branding
    Customize your account and built trust by using your own domain name and email. Includes SSL certificate.
Client testimonials We serve over 2,000 large and small agencies. Discover why our clients choose Swydo
John Thornton / Black Propeller

While there are many reporting solutions available today, few check all the boxes for digital marketers the way Swydo does.

customer 1

John Thornton Black Propeller, USA

Barry Abraham / Brickwaymarketing, USA

I am very, very happy with Swydo. I don't know what I would do without it.

customer 2

Barry Abraham

Grant Hensel / Nonprofit Megaphone (USA)

I love that Swydo’s report automation takes a time-consuming and error prone process out of my staff’s hands. Our reports look professional, provide correct information, and are customized with terminology our client base understands. All with just a push of a button.

customer 3

Grant Hensel

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