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Reporting time today? We make it even more easy for you

1 July 2013

When you copy reports you can bulk edit the data sources.

Re-using the reports in Swydo was already very easy using the recently introduced copy feature. But you had to manually change the data sources of the widgets one-by-one when you wanted to re-use a report across clients. Today we introduce bulk updating the data sources of the widgets with one click.

After you copy a report a message appears just like the one below, where you can change the data sources of the widgets that are used. When you choose to change the data sources, for instance Adwords account A with Adwords account B, then all widgets using Adwords account A are updated using data from adwords account B. This will save you a lot of time. Basically you can use a perfect report as a template across clients/projects very easily now.

A second improvement is that we do not override the widget title and narrative anymore when you change the data source. So translations/custom titles are kept!

Go to your Swydo to test these new features. Happy reporting!

bulk updating data sources widgets in Swydo