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Succeed With Swydo – 2021 Product Update Summary

By Team Swydo
26 January 2022

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to create the very best marketing reports and data visualizations to help make data-driven decisions. By using Swydo to automate your reporting process, you’ll save time you can focus on optimizing budgets, ROI and growing your business. With that in mind, here’s a reminder of what was introduced or improved this past year from the Swydo development team.  

We want to thank all our customers for the terrific support and feedback they’ve provided to help us improve Swydo. Meeting your needs is our guiding principle in our development efforts. Please keep in touch and let us know how Swydo can continue to provide you with actionable insights.

New/Enhanced Integrations

2021 saw the addition of several new data source integrations – and improvements to existing integrations – to make your reports more comprehensive with more data sources and more metrics..

  • HubSpot. Combine HubSpot marketing data with other third party channels for a closed loop view of marketing campaign performance. Gain insights and make data driven decisions based on form submissions, returning visitors, leads, pages/sessions combined with your other marketing channel data. 
  • Snapchat Ads. Include and monitor Snapchat marketing data into Swydo reports for comprehensive PPC reporting. Save time by including your Snapchat campaign data like unique impressions, video views, swipes and purchases along with your other marketing data for comprehensive reports and dashboards. 
  • Search Ads 360. For marketers that manage campaigns across multiple search engines, Swydo’s Search Ads 360 integration makes it convenient to integrate campaign data with the rest of your marketing data. 
  • Pinterest Ads & Social. Consolidate both Pinterest organic social media and paid advertising data into one report or dashboard to help your stakeholders maximize their marketing budgets.
  • Semrush. Incorporate SEO competitive analytics like position rankings, keywords and backlink analysis with the rest of your marketing data in your Swydo reports to find new opportunities to surpass your competition and improve your search results. 
  • Revamped existing integrations to include new metrics and dimensions for LinkedIn, Mailchimp, HubSpot and more to enhance your reporting. 
  • Overhauled our Google Ads integration to increase reporting flexibility and capabilities. Includes support for smart, local and hotel campaign data, as well as ad extensions performance, keywords performance and video performance. 
  • Updated Facebook Ads integration to adapt to changes in attribution window structure required by Apple, and made the selection of metrics and dimensions more intuitive. 

New/Updated Features

Our team also invested time improving backend programming to prepare the Swydo platform for new opportunities and developments in the near future. In addition, these specific features were rolled out in the past year to improve the Swydo customer experience and to provide more control over your reporting data:

  • Connection sharing. Share integration connections across your team, making account management easier and removing the need for each colleague to connect their own account. 
  • Report creation flow. The new approach is more intuitive and makes reporting easier. Just start with a template or blank report, choose the client, and append the data sources – fewer steps to a professional report!

Coming In Early 2022

There are three main goals that will be the driving force behind our development projects in 2022:

  • Make our app more user friendly for our customers with new UI/UX designs.
  • Improve how Swydo reports and dashboards look and feel.
  • Investing in the quality, reliability and performance of our integrations.

We are happy to announce that in Q1 we’ll be introducing a new TikTok Ads integration, as well as improvements to our widget flow that help make report creations easier and more intuitive.

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Next Steps

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If you have questions about any of the integrations or features above, please check out our help documents for additional assistance, or reach out to our support team for assistance with setting up your account.

And remember to check out the blog and monthly newsletter to stay on top of new developments as they are introduced. Here’s to a successful 2022!

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