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Swydo Launches New Integration – Retargeting Platform AdRoll

9 June 2020

The Swydo team is pleased to add a new integration to our suite of pre-built data sources – digital marketing tech platform AdRoll. By creating this connection with AdRoll, Swydo customers will be able to easily incorporate their AdRoll retargeting data into reports and interactive dashboards along with their paid search, social media, SEO, and email marketing campaigns for comprehensive, insightful and actionable insights that lead to data-driven decisions.

Re-engage With Customers And Visitors Across Channels and Devices

Leveraging retargeting ads and email is a very efficient and effective way to re-engage with your customers and prospects. Your target audience is already aware of your brand, as they’ve bought something from you or visited your website and checked out your products or services.

By showing relevant ads to these folks as they surf the web, you are able to remind them of the products and services they showed interest in, giving you another opportunity to convert this interest into sales. 

With over 20,000 active advertisers around the globe, AdRoll is a leading provider of retargeting marketing, with access to 500 ad exchanges including inventory from Google, Facebook, Instagram, and more. With cross-device and platform capabilities alongside robust segmentation, AdRoll helps you customize what your target audience sees, improving engagement, conversions, and sales. And Swydo’s AdRoll reporting integration now makes it simple to incorporate your paid search, social, SEO, and email marketing data with AdRoll campaign statistics for a holistic view of your clients’ marketing performance.

Save Time Creating Report And Dashboard Templates

It takes just seconds to connect your AdRoll account with Swydo, click here to add AdRoll to your Swydo data sources.

Once connected, you can quickly and easily start reporting on AdRoll data within an existing report or build a new report. Click on <insert>, select AdRoll as your data source and you’ll have access to create custom KPIs and metrics for retargeting ads and emails through Swydo’s drop-down menus for Dimensions & Metrics, Filters, Date Range and Presentation (type of visual). 

Dimensions include:

  • Ad
  • Ad group
  • Campaign
  • Time-based (Time of day, day, week, month, etc.)

Over 35 different Metrics including:

  • Average order revenue
  • Clicks
  • Click ROAS
  • Cost
  • CTR
  • Impressions
  • Open Rate
  • Video viewed to 100%

You have multiple visualizations options to choose from, allowing you to find the best way to communicate the data you are presenting, and can choose to compare performance over two time periods. 

Next Steps

By making it easy to integrate your AdRoll data into your existing reports and dashboards, you have the tools to provide your clients with the comprehensive marketing data they need to track performance over time and make strong data-driven decisions on ROI. You can learn more about the AdRoll integration here

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