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Swydo vs. Whatagraph: A Comparison Guide

By Aarti Bhanushali
5 July 2023

Swydo and Whatagraph are automated reporting tools that empower marketing teams to analyze, measure, and share data in a simple, time-saving, and scalable way. This comparison guide will help you determine the perfect fit for your organization. But before we dive into the nitty-gritty details, let’s start with a quick overview of both platforms.

Swydo Overview

Swydo is a smart and simple reporting tool designed for marketing agencies and in-house teams. It empowers marketers to connect, visualize, and share their marketing data seamlessly.

Swydo integrates with 30+ marketing platforms, making connecting your favorite sources into a single report or dashboard simple and eliminating the need for marketers to collect and analyze data manually. The tool facilitates automated report delivery – allowing marketers to schedule and share their reports as PDFs or live online dashboards at a time that suits their convenience — and is equipped with easy client management functions and bulk replicating of reports across clients.

With Swydo’s user-friendly interface and extensive range of available templates, widgets, filters, custom metrics, in-depth integrations, and data visualizations – the platform allows you to build scalable reports and make data-driven decisions.

Whatagraph Overview

Whatagraph and Swydo offer similar core features, but their functionality, pricing, and scaling model differ. This article will discuss how both platforms compare in these areas:

  • Pricing
  • Data Sources
  • Usability

1. Pricing

Whatagraph charges customers based on a steep pricing model of $233 per month for 25 data sources and 5 users. It is billed annually.

Swydo vs Whatagraph Pricing

Whereas the flat base fee for Swydo starts at €49/ month, includes unlimited users, clients, reports/ dashboards, plus 10 data sources, and is billed monthly.

As your company grows, so do your reporting and monitoring needs. Swydo's economical pricing plan ensures you continue measuring metrics that matter without burning a big hole in your marketing budget.

Swydo Pricing - Affordable for all marketers

2. Data Sources

Data Source Connectors, also known as integrations, are the platforms that enable marketers to fetch data from various sources and transfer it to the desired destination.

Swydo’s 30+ integrations allow for deeper slicing and dicing of data thanks to an extensive portfolio of metrics and dimensions available compared to Whatagraph's 40+ basic integrations.

It is crucial to consider the level of granularity provided by each data source. Some of the integrations offered by Whatagraph have limitations in terms of the number of metrics and dimensions they can pull, which may restrict your data analysis capabilities. In contrast, Swydo ensures you have access to comprehensive data sets, allowing you to delve into the finer details and extract valuable insights for your reporting needs.

What platforms can you pull data from?

The platforms covered by Swydo can be broken down into the following groups:

  • Paid media (including Google Ads, FB Ads, Microsoft Ads, LinkedIn Ads, AdRoll, and more)
  • Web Analytics (including Google Analytics 4, Google Search Console, and Pingdom)
  • Social media Organic and Paid (including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, Pinterest, and YouTube)
  • SEO (including Google Search Console, Google My Business, Semrush, Google Page Speed, and AccuRanker)
  • Email (including Mailchimp, Klaviyo)
  • Sales (including Salesforce, HubSpot, CallRail, and CallTracking Metrics)

After identifying the desired platforms to extract data from, Swydo enables you to report on that data in various ways. You can choose from pre-set reporting templates, plug your data source, and voila – have a report ready in minutes, or make your own report from scratch and create custom metrics and formulas to report on specific KPIs.

If you’re missing an integration or want to turn your internal standalone Google Sheets into sharable dashboards, that’s possible too. You can move a specific dataset into Google Sheets and connect it with Swydo to track performance and provide a good-looking report full of actionable insights.

On the other hand, Whatagraph refers to this data as ‘widgets’ – which are predefined blocks of information consisting of dimensions and metrics. These predefined widgets can be dragged and dropped into your reports. This may limit your choice over choosing your own dimensions and metrics to report on your marketing performance. Restricting the granularity with which you can access specific data points.

Check out all the data sources Swydo integrates with!

3. Scalability

Tired of spending hours on report generation? Multiple reports across clients across countries? Swydo’s dynamic reporting templates expedite your report creation process. The magic happens when you change a template – all your connected reports get automatically updated. This means brand colors, logos, specific KPIs you created, and more! So that’s goodbye to repetitive editing and more time available for analyzing and optimizing your campaigns.

With Swydo, you can also have your internal Monitoring Dashboard to get a bird's eye view of all your client campaign performance. Track key metrics for multiple clients, locations, or campaigns, set targets under one hub, and never miss a beat.

In conclusion, Swydo emerges as the optimal reporting tool for digital marketers, small and mid-sized businesses, and freelancers looking for an automated reporting tool. It offers a more expansive platform integration, user-friendly connectors, and access to various metrics and dimensions for in-depth analysis. With Swydo, marketers can confidently create robust reports that cover a wider range of platforms and provide granular insights into their marketing performance at an affordable price.

Conversely, Whatgraph could be expensive for small and mid-sized businesses and teams looking for a reliable and affordable reporting platform. The cheapest plan for Whatagraph is $223 per month. The integrations are focused on broader use cases, and the options to drill down on specificities are limited.

Swydo vs Whatagraph Comparison

We hope this comparison helps you decide which product, Swydo or Whatagraph, fits you best. If you’re looking for a reliable, affordable way to build simple marketing reports at scale for your clients or internal stakeholders, Swydo could be your best bet.

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