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Running an online Agency, Swydo

Why Online marketing is not a project

4 April 2012

Swydo is positioned as an online marketing project management tool. But actually our main advantage compared to Basecamp, Asana, Do or whatever other tool is that we really do not focus on being a great project management tool, but we support the ongoing work that the online marketer does. Most of our work, that of the online marketer I mean,  is not a project, but is the ongoing improvement process of adding new keywords, checking positions, improving content, bidding, checking scores etc. We do this for a client for a least several months and also in house marketers work on traffic for several month to years.

In this setting it is much more important to see what you are doing or plan to do on an monthly basis, than on a total basis. Swydo supports the subscription based model. We think we are unique. I have not seen it in any other tool. although almost all agencies and departments I spoke to work based on a subscription based model. Features in Swydo that support the subscription based model is the progress management overview, the consultant utilisation, the available hours per month feature and monthly overviews.

Does your agency or department work based on an ongoing subscription based model?