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This should be a $500 a month tool, not a $50 a month tool!

Greg Lantz, Senior Paid Media Manager, Bentley Systems


Location Exton, Pennsylvania, U.S

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How Swydo Transformed Reporting at Bentley Systems

Bentley Systems is at the forefront of infrastructure software solutions. They’ve got a whole range of products that help organizations design, build, and operate more efficiently. We’re talking architecture and urban planning, construction visualization, railway and transit operations, and even public infrastructure management.

But here’s the thing: with such diverse functionalities, Bentley Systems has to manage some complex marketing and reporting requirements. Each industry they serve has its own unique demands and metrics for success. To effectively cater to this diversity, a sophisticated and versatile tool was indispensable.

Greg Lantz stepped into his role as a Senior Paid Media Manager at Bentley Systems in July 2022, immediately recognizing the necessity for a marketing tool that matched the strength and innovation of their technology products.

However, Greg’s experiences with existing digital marketing tools were marked by constant interruptions and failures, particularly with a lack of a user-friendly interface and unstable integrations that seemed to “break all the time.” He recalls the frustrating days: “At the agency where I previously worked, leading their paid media team, we experimented with several tools. In the process of exploring different automated reporting tool options, it became apparent that similar tools frequently broke.”

From tracking engagement in architectural design initiatives to monitoring operational efficiencies in rail transport, the PPC team had to ensure that marketing strategies were not only aligned with industry standards but also optimized for maximum impact. This would drive growth and innovation across all sectors Bentley Systems serves.

Seeking a solution that could cater to a diverse client base and withstand the demands of a high-paced environment, Greg found Swydo unique. He highlighted, “It was flexible and accommodating; we had a lot of different types of clients at the agency, and Swydo catered to our changing needs quite efficiently.” This adaptability was also crucial for managing the varied projects at Bentley Systems.

The Swydo Solution: Stability and User-Friendliness

When Greg brought Swydo to Bentley Systems, he was drawn by its stability and ease of use—qualities that starkly contrasted with his previous experiences. “I think that we liked Swydo because it was easy to use, it was stable, and it didn’t look like similar tools,” Greg said. This ability was not just a minor improvement but a significant relief that allowed for smoother, more reliable marketing reporting processes.

Swydo’s impact on reporting frequency and team efficiency was immediately noticeable. As Greg put it, the ability to set up and email reports automatically “kind of just took the lift-off of people having to manually pull all this data.” This automation streamlined internal workflows and reduced the need for constant communication regarding report generation.

Leveraging Swydo for Uninterrupted Marketing Operations During Agency Handoffs

At the turn of the year, Bentley ended its relationship with one marketing agency in January and began working with a new one in February. This shift created a gap in reporting, as the outgoing agency was no longer responsible for and thus unwilling to compile a report for January’s data. The new agency had not managed the accounts during that period and, therefore, could not accurately report on them.

Faced with the potential loss of crucial monthly data, Greg turned to Swydo, which had already stored all the pertinent January data. Using Swydo, he was able to personally step in and generate the necessary reports. He described the process: “I created three distinct product reports to help onboard the agency, focusing on three separate brands. These reports served almost as templates for their LinkedIn campaigns. The process was quite straightforward, providing them with essential and useful data about what aspects of their LinkedIn campaigns were successful and which ones were not.”

This proactive approach not only filled the informational void but also ensured that Bentley Systems could continue to track and optimize its marketing strategies seamlessly.

The regular and reliable reports not only saved time but also fostered a consistent operational rhythm. Greg noted, “It’s helpful for product marketers and for digital marketers to get these reports once every week or two in their inbox just like okay, cool, I know that campaign’s live. I know we’re spending appropriately.”

Cost Efficiency That Defies Expectations

For digital marketers and agencies, Swydo is an all-in-one reporting and monitoring platform that simplifies the reporting process. Greg’s favorite feature is automating the report. “It’s nice you can send it to people in a way that’s just an easy link to download or look at on their browser, no more reinventing the wheel—just efficient, streamlined reporting.” This eliminates the need for repetitive tasks, as updates require merely a change in names rather than a complete overhaul of each report.

For organizations facing similar challenges as Bentley Systems, Swydo offers a powerful solution that marries flexibility with cost efficiency. Greg’s endorsement is compelling: “It’s the most stable, easy-to-learn reporting tool at a price that is too cheap. It’s like this should be a $500 a month tool, not a $50 a month tool.”

Join industry leaders like Greg and the team at Bentley Systems, who have transformed their digital marketing reporting with Swydo. Discover the tool that brings stability, efficiency, and strategic insight to your digital campaigns.

Try Swydo for free today and experience the difference in your marketing operations!

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