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Swydo has been an automation game-changer for our team productivity

Farhad Divecha, MD, AccuraCast


Location London, UK

Why Swydo

  • Report Templates
  • Scalable Solution
  • Improved Team Productivity
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AccuraCast with Swydo

How AccuraCast partnered with Swydo to scale their agency internationally

Established in 2004, AccuraCast has grown to become one of the UK’s leading digital marketing agencies. 

From PwC to Club Med – the agency has an impressive track record of delivering exceptional client results across various industries. 

One standout case study involves collaborating with Penguin Random House and the renowned celebrity chef Jamie Oliver. AccuraCast helmed the promotions for Jamie Oliver’s book, 5 Ingredients, and the results speak for themselves. The book became the #1 bestseller on Amazon UK for 10 weeks and Amazon’s bestselling book for 2017.  The campaign generated 1.3 million unique users taking action on Facebook, and the book received 50 million impressions across three networks. 

Enthusiasm, accountability, and top-notch customer support is what gives them an edge in delivering client results, says MD Farhad Divecha.

“We are a team of 12, and I know it sounds shockingly small for our business. It all comes down to being efficient. We use automation as much as possible to make things run smoothly. And use our time intelligently as a team.” 

The prospect of client reporting presented its own set of challenges. With a global customer base, Farhad and the team would have to manage and optimize client campaigns, guide their social media marketing, and help clients scale globally while keeping them informed about the process through regular reporting. 

To achieve maximum coverage across marketing channels and multiple clients, AccuraCast carefully selected a reporting platform that offered them extensive bandwidth

A trusted and convenient solution 

“We care about delivering the best results for our clients and then found a reporting platform that allowed us to get that maximum adaptability with as many marketing channels as possible.”

Farhad’s decision came down to having a reporting platform that helped his team: 

  1. Scale globally 
  2. Get maximum channel bandwidth 
  3. Create reports with a high degree of flexibility 

Swydo ticked these boxes, Farhad explains: 

“Swydo proved to be the ultimate reporting solution, effortlessly checking all the boxes we needed. It was a no-brainer, really. Swydo had us covered across most channels except for DV360. Despite that, the platform provided us with the widest bandwidth, accommodating our diverse reporting requirements. Additionally, Swydo’s flexibility allowed us to create template reports swiftly, facilitating efficient replication for various clients.” 

This was especially crucial for Farhad and his team as they dealt with numerous reports for different clients across the globe. “You know how it is when you work with large businesses – one report simply won’t cut it. Swydo’s flexibility allowed us to generate multiple reports tailored to our client’s unique needs. We can make a template and clone it across different offices and clients and tweak the data to that specific region, this has been an automation game-changer for our team productivity.”

Freeing up space and time for strategizing 

When you’re thinking of a client reporting platform, there are so many things to remember, shares Stefano Roberti, one of Farhad’s 12 teammates. An Account Manager at AccuraCast, Stefano knows what it takes to give his clients a good client-reporting experience every Monday, “Over time, we learned that brevity is important. Clients no longer need to be data wizards or carry a pocket-sized dictionary of analytics terms. Swydo’s reports are crystal clear and effortlessly comprehensible, making clients feel right at home. It’s straightforward and does the job.” 

On a given day, Stefano handles six to seven big client accounts and some smaller ones. Fewer hours spent on manual reporting meant more time available for optimizing client campaigns. “I wanted a platform that did not require much time to set up. I can build a client dashboard in 20 minutes and customize it across multiple clients.  It’s the most effective usage of my team’s time.

Looking ahead together 

As AccuraCast grows, its needs and demands with its reporting platform are progressively evolving. Being heard matters to them, Stefano asserts. “A few months ago, the data selection feature in Swydo’s campaign reporting dashboard had some limitations. I raised this concern and provided feedback about it. I was pleasantly surprised because my concerns were heard and acknowledged. It’s crucial for us time-strapped marketers to be heard when we have legitimate complaints.  The fact that Swydo actively implemented the feedback I provided was impressive. It demonstrated a willingness to work together and improve the platform based on user input, which is vital for any long-term collaboration.” 

Today, AccuraCast’s journey from humble beginnings to international prominence is a testament to its expertise, dedication, and innovative mindset – its customer-first approach being at the heart of everything they do.

Join AccuraCast and countless other agencies who have chosen Swydo as their go-to reporting and monitoring platform.

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