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50 Adwords Optimization Tips For Better ROI [Infographic]

3 July 2017

At Swydo, we strive to deliver market leading PPC reporting software that enhances your clients’ overall experience. We do this by helping you create clean, visual reports that are easy for your clients to understand, see the results you deliver and help them remember why they are paying you to manage their campaigns!

We also try our best to deliver far above and beyond what’s expected from us as a digital reporting software company. We constantly search the internet for relevant articles to share with our clients so that we can add value beyond our reporting products alone.

With this in mind, we wanted to share with you this massive AdWords optimization infographic from SMBclix. It’s literally laced with 50 Adwords optimization techniques you can use to improve your campaign performance and get better ROI from AdWords.

Your AdWords Optimization Bible

While the infographic contains 50 different tactics you can use to increase your leads, we’ve decided to highlight some of them before you jump into the infographic itself:

Remove under-performing keywords: This one can be tough, you can almost grow attached to a keyword, spending your time rooting for it to bring you results. But you have to be cutthroat when managing an AdWords campaign; the numbers don’t lie and if a keyword just isn’t performing then you need to cut the cord and put the budget you save to better use.

Single keyword adgroups (SKAGs): Using SKAGs rather than using adgroups with multiple keywords is another one of our favorite strategies. The reason why SKAGs tend to improve performance is they reduce the keyword to search term ratio, meaning that your ads are much more relevant, increasing quality score and decreasing cost per click, which should in turn decrease cost per conversion.

Testing Landing Pages: While testing new landing pages isn’t directly related to AdWords campaign optimization, using landing page software such as Unbounce to A/B test your forms and calls to action can massively increase your conversions. By implementing conversion rate optimization tactics, you improve your entire campaign, increasing your conversions in the process.

These are some of our favorite tips and strategies from the infographic, why don’t share yours in the comments below!


50 adwords optimization tips, infographic