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Google Shopping Ads Report

Report on Google Shopping Ad Campaigns with Pre-Built Templates

Swydo’s Google Shopping Ads report template will improve your productivity and ensure you have the data you need to boost sales and improve ROI.

Easily report on product performance, KPIs, costs, and conversions to provide actionable insights and optimize your Google Shopping campaigns.

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Google Shopping Ads Report
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Data to Optimize Campaign Results and Sales

Shopping Campaign Performance
Track CTR, costs, and conversions across all product categories and groups to evaluate your Google Shopping campaigns’ overall effectiveness and success.

Category Performance
Analyze product categories within your Google Shopping campaign to determine which categories are driving the most clicks, conversions, and revenue.

Product Group Performance
Drill down into product groups or segments within a Google Shopping campaign to assess performance for specific products and product groupings and optimize bids accordingly.

Conversion Value of Product Group
Measure the total value generated from conversions in each product group of your Google Shopping campaign to get insights into which groups are most successful in contributing to overall revenue.

Top Selling Performance
Identify the product(s) in your Google Shopping campaigns that drive the highest sales volume, revenue, and conversion rates to enhance your advertising tactics.

Conversions by Device
Examine the conversion data for different devices (such as desktop, mobile, and tablet) to determine how to optimize your Google Shopping campaigns based on device performance.


KPIs and Metrics Included in Our Google Shopping Ads Template

The total amount spent on advertising within a Google Shopping campaign, including expenses such as clicks, impressions, and bids.

Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)
A metric that calculates the revenue generated from a Google Shopping campaign relative to the amount spent on advertising, providing insights into the campaign’s profitability.

The number of desired actions completed by users, such as purchases or sign-ups, as a result of interacting with ads within a Google Shopping campaign.

Cost per Conversion
The average cost incurred for each conversion achieved within a Google Shopping campaign, indicating the efficiency of ad spend in driving desired actions.

Conversion Rate
The percentage of ad clicks within a Google Shopping campaign that result in completed conversions, reflecting the effectiveness of the campaign in driving user actions.

Conversion Value
The total monetary value generated from completed conversions within a Google Shopping campaign, providing insights into the revenue generated by user interactions with ads.


Customize Your Google Shopping Ads Performance Report

Leverage a variety of filters to show more specific data points to quickly identify issues and take swift action.

Automate and share your dashboards and reports on a schedule that best meets your needs.

White label
Reflect your brand by incorporating your logo and brand colors into your reports. You can also use your domain to share and send your reports.

Set and track goals to gain insight into performance, trends and progress toward your goals.

Custom Metric
Combine two metrics from the same data source to calculate an entirely new custom metric.

Multi-language reports
Create reports for your clients in 14 available languages through our automatic and editable translation feature.

Report Design
Resizable widgets allow you to adjust the presentation of KPIs, charts, tables, text, and images to focus clients on key data and insights.

Text and Images
Provide context to clients or stakeholders through descriptive text widgets. Incorporate images, such as ad assets, to improve client communication and understanding.

Flexible Date Ranges
Easily compare data across different time periods. Fully control the date range of your overall reports or specific KPIs, charts, and tables to highlight trends.

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